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1 009-II on Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:41 am

Joseph: Sir the half eleven is in the room and prepared.
Legna: Good how about the anesthesia, is she done with it?
Joseph: No sir, it appears that we have run out.
Legna: What a shame, she’s going to be awake for the operation.

Anna was freezing; the new room had a gloomy feeling to it. The room was large and had many lights, the only thing bothering Anna was that she was tied up and there were a lot of sharp objects surrounding her. Suddenly Legna and Joseph came to the room.

Legna: Hello young lady how are you feeling?
Anna: cold, please sir let me out
Legna: I can’t do that; I was the one who ordered for your kidnapping, so I can perform some tests with you. I can’t promise you that it isn’t going to hurt.
Anna: Why are you doing this?
Legna: For the better good of mankind my dear

Raine could only hear the screams of Anna as she was butchered alive. Her blood was splattered all over Legna and Joseph’s lab coats.

Lenga: Put her body in one of the suspended animation tanks, it still holds a lot of use. Also get the other one; the sight of blood is giving me a rush.

Joseph: Sir…It seems we had some more anesthesia in the back.

Legna: Oh well.

While Adam and Reverse where in the front yard waiting for the person the elder spoke of, a girl dressed in all black suddenly appeared.

Unknown Girl: I am here to lead you into Legna’s lab located in this town. My name is Chidori, please follow me and move quickly.

Raine could only hear the screams of Anna as she was butchered alive. Her blood was scatter in Lenga and Joseph lab coats.

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