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arrive at the osanago gates-60

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1 arrive at the osanago gates-60 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:45 am


Flame Demon
Waking up saw his door open. When he got out of bed fire shot out of his body the fire started to spin around him as if he was controling them then it disappeared, when D. Walked in through the door.
" I...was....umm.....wondering if you were......umm ok." D. Keeping her head down as if she was scared to talk to youkai.
" Hey snap out of it D. This isn't like you. Relax I'm fine. Come on its time to go." When they left the room only D's team was still remaining at the safe house.' Wow they don't wait' youkai just scratching his head felt raion's power pick indicting that he is taking part in a battle.
" We have to hurry. D. You and your team will take the west gate. And please don't ask where I'm heading. Lets go!" they headed outside when youkai felt a sharp pain run across his chest. He knew that if he was to get hit in his chest it would be over before it began. Telling everyone to go ahead with out him turning around ran back inside the safe house and into his room where he found some of the bandages D. Had brought for him in the morning. They were alittle bit stained from the last time he used them. Removing his shirt youkai placed the bandages across his chest and around his right shoulder. Then placing his shirt back on he headed outside towards the castle where he once again felt someones power raise indiction of a battle going on.' Damn can these guys fight without using their powers?' youkai just shaking his head walked forward seeing a few guards knew that sneaking in was not an option so he ran up to them slashing at them with enough force that he cut right through their bones at the base of their necks killing them instantly.
" Damn now that was harsh. Now I know there's some wrong with me." Being the only thing he said as youkai laughed to himself, walked towards the castle.

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