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the damanged enkou and the return of naiya!- 61

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Flame Demon
Entering at the eastern gate of the city youkai saw someone he knew from a few years back. Youkai started to run to her when suddenly he was attacked by some of the guards who were on patrol.' Damn I don't have time for this.' Youkai not wanting to waste energy used his sword that was badly damanged durning his battles,agaisnt metaru, kusari, bakemono, and masurao. Defeating the three guards with ease youkai noticed that if he was to engage into battle again then his swords would break.
" Naiya wait up!" youkai rushing to naiya who didn't reconginze him at first but then r7emembered when she saw him getting closer. Waiting for youkai she then wondered to herself 'what is he doing here.' When youkai got close to her. Seeing his sword was badly damanged naiya knew youkai was in many fieces battle since the last time they met.
" Why are you here naiya?"
" I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm here on an important errand. And you youkai?" showing the package she was suppose to deliever.
" Sorry can't tell you."
" You always been like that. Tell you what, if you can defeat me then ill fix your sword. But if you can't defeat me then you tell me why your here. Deal?" holding out her hand.
" What's the catch?" replying to youkai still holding out her hand
" Catch? There's no catch."
" Funny that doesn't sound like you one bit." Crossing his arms contiued to wait
" Ok fine. You have to beat me in three moves, and only three moves. Now do we have a deal?"
" Deal" shaking hands with naiya. Both took a few steps back and got ready to fight.' Here goes nothing!' youkai charged forward with a thrust that naiya easily block but she wasn't fast enough to dodge youkai's next thrust which knocked her back a bit which she then fell to the ground.
" Ouch that hurt!" rubbing herself where she had felt the pain saw youkai hold out his hand which she grabbed and was help up.
" Yeah sorry I couldn't hold back the power, I guess it slipped. But a deals a deal." Youkai handed enkou over to naiya. Naiya now holding enkou started to glow with power.
" What is this power I getting?"
" Oh the power your feeling is mines and enkou's power fused together. I guess that's how long we been together that he's a part of me as I am to him." Looking around youkai saw dak of the bow walking into a building the same building which naiya was headed to.
" What's wrong youkai?" still repairing his sword with her energy as she did long ago when they first met.
" Its nothing but do you think you can get me into that building there?" youkai pointing to the building where dak of the bow entered.
" Yes I can, because that's where I'm going. Why?" finishing the repairs on enkou returned it back to youkai.
" Thanks for the repair."
" No problem."
" I wanted to get into there because before I can move on in my mission I first have to defeat someone to prove something to myself. So would you?" looking into naiya's eyes waited for an answer.
" Sure." Closing her eyes turned around and started to walk." Only if you tell me what's your mission and also if you let me join it." Looking back to youkai with her head slightly turned and with one eye open and the other eye still closed.
" Fine ill let you join but ill leave the debreifing to a close freind of mine when we get to the castle." Accepting it because she didn't have any other choice. It was let him in or let him destroy the building completely.
" Fine! Lets go." Putting on a face headed towards the build but when they reached it they were attacked by the gaurds.
" What....is the....meaning of this?" fighting while talking to the guard she was fighting didn't noticed youkai take out the rest of the gaurds with ease.
" Ok that's enough why don't you answer her before I kill you." Youkai place his blade on the gaurds neck while he was fighting with naiya.
" Hey youkai how did you do that?"
" Do what?"
" Get behind him so fast like that?"
" Oh that's easy, when the person is slow. But anyway why did you attack us?" pressing the sword against the gaurds neck making him bleed.
" Because dak of the bow order us to attack you and anyone with you." Showing a picture of youkai on the wall next to the door." Dak drew it himself."
" Thank you." Smacking the gaurd behind his head knocking him out.
" Lets go naiya."
" Right" both youkai and naiya enter the building but dak wasn't there. Instead it was the man naiya had to give the package to. Once she deliever the package youkai started to look around. Trying to find dak had some trouble with all the gaurds constantly attacking them.
" Damn it will these guys stop. And where the hell is dak?" youkai getting mad didn't notice his power was raising.
" Youkai calm down please!!" dropping down to one knee grabbed the sword one of the gaurds was carrying and stabbed it into the ground to keep from being blowned away from the force of his power going wild.
" Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" youkai now grabbing his head couldn't control his power at all anymore. Blowing naiya out of the building completely.
" What happen?" called out a voice from behind the crowd of people.
" Who said that?" everyone moved out the way to let the person throught. When the path was clear D. Showed herself." And you must be?"
"My name is D. And I have been traveling with youkai for a while now. What happen to him?"
" That's what I want to know."
" What do you mean?"
" I mean youkai follow some man into that building over behind me. After a few encounters with the gaurds youkai got mad and then his power started to go crazy."
" Thanks, now if you excuse me I have to go stop him now." D. Drawing her sword headed towards the building but for some reason she couldn't sense his power,she could only feel him in pain.
" Hey kid your not going in there by yourself." Naiya drawing her dagger and followed D. Entering the building saw a ball that was sucking everything up and destroying them. It was black and about ten feet wide and fifteen feet long, and growing.when they walked further into the building a table was send their way. Naiya was about to jump when D. Cut through the table as if it was nothing.
" Sonic energy cutter!!!" D. Fusing both her energy and sonic cutter together creating a new more powerful attack launched it at the sphere collideing with everything the sphere threw at them. Not stopping her attack D. Didn't see a dark ball fly around her attacks and was heading straight for her when naiya jumped in the way.
" Light barrier." Naiya created a barrier of light energy to destroy the table. But got tired qiuckly. Seeing this D. Stopped her assault on the sphere due to it have no affect and because naiya was extremely tire.
" Are you ok?" D. Asking naiya before slashing at another dark ball which knocked her back abit.
" I'm fine, just a bit tired cause I nevered train with my powers before. Hey look out!!!!!!!" naiya pushing D. Out the way then jumped out the way herself dodging a sword which destroyed the ground when it connected.
" Ahh that's enkou." D. Putting her sword away and rushed toward enkou.
" Hey D. That sword is too strong for you." Not listening to naiya D. Picked up enkou and started to wield it as her own. Naiya now wondering to herself how is it possible for should a young girl to be able to wield a demoic sword with ease and not get overwhelmed with power.
" Ready enkou."
" Ready." Enkou started to talk again which confused naiya.
" Flaming cresent cutter" shooting out gaint cresent like attacks combine with youkai's fire and D's energy cutter which sliced right through the dark energy sphere revealing youkai surronded by fire." YOUKAI!!!!! Its me D. Snap out of it." As soon as she was finish talking the sphere exploded created smoke while sending naiya yet again flying but this time through the wall.
" Da....damn that hurt. Huh!? Where's D.?" looking around saw D. In youkai's arms. He put her down as he looked around and he found dak.
" D, take naiya withyou and ill be there soon. Oh and don't worry
While I was in that sphere I was able to make my powers stable. Ill explain everything later but right now I need you to wait with everyone and explain what's going on." Walking towards dak when D. Ran in front and stopped him.
" Hey don't tell me you forgot this?" handing enkou back to youkai who seem to have a wierd look in his eyes." Umm are you ok youkai?"
" Heh yeah I'm fine don't worry. Ill be there as soon as I defeat him." Pointing to dak.
" Oh so that's the guy who beat you badly. Hmm funny I though he be bigger. Oh well. Don't take long ok."
" Ok" D. Took naiya like she was told and headed towards the others.' Damn I wonder why did that happen. But before I worry about that I have to beat this guy.' Thinking to himself as he walked closer to dak. When D. And naiya came back.
" Here take this youkai. Ashitaka give me two and now I'm giving one to you."
" What is this?"
" Its a energy orb. When your badly hurt and your out of power just place it against your chest and it will restore your power and heal your wounds no matter how fatal it may be. Also you can use it as many time you want, it will not disappear but theres a limit to how many times you can use it in a day."
"So what's the limit?"
" For normal humans once but because your half twice is the max."
" What happens if I go over twice a day?"
" I'm not sure ashitaka was clear. He just said that it will have some nasty side affects."
" Side affects?"
" That's what he said." When D. Turned around and took a few steps back naiya stepped forward.
" Youkai take this." Handing youkai a dagger. But this wasn't any ordnary dagger. This dagger was a special phoneix dagger.
" What kind of dagger is this?"
" Its the phoneix dagger. Legends say long ago when the phoneix dagger was created it nearly destroyed the town when a evil warlord combined the phoenix dagger and his sword. If you can find some way to combine the two you can have a very powerful combintion attack up your sleeves. Also the more you use it the stronger it will become but when you use it, it might suck up all of your power so use it as a last resort unless you can control it."
"That shouldn't be too hard." Putting a fake smile on his face while thanking both D. And naiya as they ran off. Now turn his attention back to dak who was waiting patentionly on him so they can fight. Walking towards dak paused to think when he remembered hearing something about the phoneix dagger. Stopping in his tracks when he saw had a flash back about the phoneix dagger. Igrone what he saw started to walk again towards dak.

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