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rematch youkai vs dak-62

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1 rematch youkai vs dak-62 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:56 am


Flame Demon
' Something seems different with this guy.' Was dak reaction when he saw youkai again. Preparing an arrow as youkai walked fired it at him. Still walking youkai slashed the arrow to the side as if it was nothing. ' what the hell just happen.' Dak not sure how youkai was able to break his arrow like the way he did so he shot another arrow at him. Youkai stop where he was and helded up enkou directly in the arrows path stopping the arrow. But the arrow started to push youkai back abit. Seeing this dak relaxed abit until youkai fired off his fire wave towards him destroying the arrow completely.
" Hydro bl...." youkai grabbed his arm and fire another fire wave into his stomach, while the first fire wave hit him in the arm.
" Its over" youkai walking away sense dak fire off his hydro blast so he turned around and slashed at it with his sword." You damn idiot" youkai slicing right through the blast then kicking dak into and fruit stand that was in the area.
" Infint....." dak was hit in the chest with youkai's flame cannon." Ahhh." Dak getting mad fire off the same attack that did the most damaged to youkai when they first fought.
" Infinty arrow huh, heheh oh well." Putting his sword away raised his hands up." Dragon....fire" blasting right throught the arrows being fired hit the bow destroying it while hitting dak's arms burning them." Now you shouldn't be able to fight anymore, sorry but you left me no other choice." Dak opening his eyes wide as the dragon fire circled around hitting dak's body destroying dak completely, making everyone run in horror. Youkai walking felt that dak was still alive so he realized he destroyed a copy. As he continued walking he heard a voice call out making youkai react by drawing his sword.
" Impressive youkai. Now lets see how you battle when its my turn." The voice seemed to fade away as youkai reconginzed the voice.
" Heh your on........kuro" with a smile on his face youkai used he slient steps to catch up to the others.

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