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second battle youkai vs nezumi- 64

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1 second battle youkai vs nezumi- 64 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:26 am


Flame Demon
After defeating dak using his demonic armor youkai conutined down another long corritdor sensing someone with a weak power up a head but something was different about this power. It was appearing in different areas of the room youkai was closing in on. Entering the room youkai didn't see anyone more like he couldn't see anything. Just then small lights started to appear in the distance, soon the hole room was full of light. But youkai still couldn't see anyone but he sense one of the energys getting closer and he turned around he was nearly stabbed in the chest by and axe that was send flying in his direction from his left side then his right. After dodging both of the axes a few more times youkai was able to figure out where they were coming from so he threw his sword to the small light in front of him.the light moved to the side allowing the sword to pass him while it started to change shape. At first youkai couldn't tell the what shape it was or what it was entirlly until he noticed that it was shaped like a dragon. The dragon was bigger then youma and had a much bigger mouth then he did which then it opened forming some weird kind off ball in its mouth. When it fired off the light ball turned to rock which headed towards youkai. Youkai still in his demonic armor closed his hand into a fist and then raised it up and fired off his flame cannon which went right through the rock destroying the rock completely. The dragon turned around quickly swinging its tail smacking the attack back towards youkai which caught him off guard hitting the ground directly in front of him sending him back a few inches from the explosion. When youkai looked up after examing his body to make sure he didn't get hurt didn't notice that the dragon was starting to change shapes once again. This time it changed shape turning into a human. The light faded away and one of the knights appeared with both of his axes in his hand.
" My name is nezumi. And I am a master of combing earth attacks with my axes. Who might you be?" nezumi put one axe away then raised his hand up into the sky with his hand open sucked in all the light making the room easyier to see in. When all the light was gone youkai noticed nezumi real power. It was three time stronger then daks and youkai knew that he was going to have trouble in defeating nezumi. Examing the room nezumi found youkai's sword and picked it up off the floor.
" This is a fine blade indeed. And it has special symbols in graved into it. It would be a shame of you not to fight me without using this fine sword." Looking at youkai who was getting ready to fight. Walking over to him put his axe away then gripped the sword lightly from both ends of the sword then bendtented down showing respect to youkai as he hand the sword to him.
" Nezumi you.....you seem different from all the other knights. Is it because you have honor, and virtual." Youkai picking up the sword from nezumi's hands while bowing down showing back the same amout of respect. Nezumi took a few steps back then drew both of his axes taking his stand while youkai took his.
" Honor, virtual.......hmmm I never really though of it. I just fight everyone as though they were my equal." Everything stood quiet for a moment, one waiting for the other to make his move when nezumi jumped in the air doing one flip right before he collided his axe to his sword giving him extra power. Youkai blocking the slash felt the force from the attack and knew that he might not survive a head to head battle with nezumi. The ground started to break behind youkai which forced him to jump back allow the axe to hit the ground destroying the rocks that were there. Youkai then rushed forward not allow nezumi anytime to recover dragging the sword against the ground heating it up which in turn gave his strike even more power and force to it. It was enough force to send nezumi sliding back after being hit directly in the chest. When nezumi faced youkai once again youkai saw that his attack had little to no affect on him. Youkai completely shcok was then forced to stay on defends to find a weak point in nezumi while blocking even blow nezumi threw at him. Conutineing to block and attack the axes didn't see nezumi throw a kick until it was too late the kick had alreay sent him flying crashing into the wall. Youkai frose in his track forcing himself to breath. He couldn't believe the strenght that this man possesed. Youkai wasn't entirly sure if the man he is fighting is competely human. But instead of spacing out he just shook his head and got up getting ready to conutine the fight when nezumi threw his axe towards youkai. Youkai rushed forward slashing the axe to the side while still running towards nezumi in hoping to use speed to defeat him. Sounds of sword and axe colliding could be heard from all over. Youkai's demon armor was starting to comble from the intense fighting. He knew that if he was to drag this fight out any longer then the armor was fall apart competely. Youkai stabbed enkou into the ground and held out his arms with his hand tight together started to transform. His power quickly shift over from dark to light as the demonic armor disappeared and his angelic armor appeared. Youkai then singal nezumi to pick up his other axe. Once nezumi did youkai waited for him to turn around then he picked up enkou and at that same moment he drew the other sword this armor gave him and got into a stance at the same time nezumi did. They both took a minute to catch their breath before they conutined their fight.
" You are a pretty good fighter. That reminds me I never caught your name brave warrior." Nezumi put his axe down so youkai decided to put his swords down.
" My name is youkai, and your not a bad fighter yourself......nezumi." Both put a smile on their faces as they resumed their stances and prepare to battle each other once more. Both nezumi and youkai seemed to enjoy the fight as the collided steel with one another. Youkai used his silent steps to appear behind nezumi who countered his attack using his rock armor. Youkai was only able to scracth the armor with his sword so he kicked him after spinning around dodging the axe making nezumi miss his counter then tumbling to the ground.
" Light wave." Swinging one sword do then almost instantly swinging the other " fire wave." Nezumi smacked both attacks to the side after getting up youkai did a series of attack not really being able to pierce through his armor. Jumping back youkai put his swords away and then he raised his hands as if he was going to fight bare-handed throwing a series of strikes with his fists firing his flame cannon with every punch throwned. Nezumi at first started to dodge but then he decided to attack it with his axe. Slashing at all of youkai's attack slicing right through them as if they were nothing caused youkai to stop his attack. But he didn't re-draw his swords instead he kept his fists tight and in the air. Youkai ran around nezumi moving at an extremely fast speed nezumi didn't have time to react. Youkai put all of his might into one punch and at the same time unleased his most powerfullest flame cannon right into nezumi's back. Some how he was able to crack nezumi's rock armor and send he flying. Not really having much power left to waste with nezumi raised his hands again for one final attack.
" Its been fun but I can't afford to waste any more time fighting with you........nezumi."
" Same here.......youkai."
" X- fire tornado" youkai fired off a tornado engulf with fire around it which started to spiral towards nezumi.
" Impressive but so is this........rock cyclone." Nezumi held up each axe and fired out two cyclone from both of them which collided with youkai's x-fire tornado in mid-air. While the attacks collided they seem to be equal in power. Both youkai and nezumi were both quickly running out of power as they continued to hold there attacks in place. Soon thisBattle would be determined by just shere will power. Youkai holding his attack in place with one hand pulled out his other hand to the side and started to charge up his nova attack. Condensing it he started compare the size to the room in between his x-fire tornado. When it got to the right size youkai replace his hand onto the attack and fired off his x-fire tornado in hopes it will give him the edge hs needed. Youkai's attack started to push nezumi's attack back when nezumi put more power into his attack to keep it from moving. Not wanting to drag out the battle any longer put as much power that he could into the attack pushing nezumi back along side himself.
Locking his feet into the ground and let his hands go back against his chest as he pumped the last bit of power he could muster up in one shot and then he pushed his hands forward forceing the attack forward even more, firing all of his power towards nezumi destroying his attack and engulfing him destroying the wall behind him revealing a set of stairs. Youkai using up too much power reverded back to normal. When youkai looked up he waited for the smoke to clear. As soon as the smoke cleared up youkai saw nezumi still standing there who started to laugh at youkai.
" What, are you this surprise to see me still standing after that attack?"
" Yes.....you should have been killed or atlease defeated by it." Drawing his sword stopped half way when nezumi called out.
" Stop. I am defeated." Dropping to the ground called youkai over to him. Youkai put the sword back completely as he walked over to nezumi who turned over to face youkai while lying on his back.
" Youkai as reward for defeating me here." Handing youkai a werid fruit. Nezumi explained to him that when he eats the friut then he would be healed and some of his powers should be restore. Youkai not wanting to use the energy orb D. Gave him he ate the friut. Feeling some of his energy come back and his wounds started heal up,youkai adviced nezumi to leave the castle as soon as he could for onces the battles were over he was going to destroy the entire castle. Walking over to the stairs he saw someone walk by. That person stop and looked around. Calling out to youkai, not really sure who it was until he got to the hole in the wall. He saw D. Who was tired but had a determined look on her face. Not really saying anything until D. Spoke out.
" Did you do this?"
" Yes. Where is everyone else?"
" They left the castle."
" Good, come on I may need your help in defeating an old enemy of mine. His name is kuro."

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