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youkai and honoko meets, the weird battle- 66

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1 youkai and honoko meets, the weird battle- 66 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:35 am


Flame Demon
As youkai contiued to fly he started to feel cold on the inside and on the outside he started to lose the color in his eyes. Landing down on a nearby rock youkai couldn't feel his inner fire that he normally felt instead he felt a dark and sinster power growing inside of him, as if it would swallow him hole if he wasn't careful. All of his good thoughs all of the people that he knew were erased from his memories, and all that was left was pain and suffering. Hearing laugher nearby youkai grow inraged and took flight. Finding some people the moment he took to the skys, laughing, playing, singing the night away. Building more and more rage as he saw these people together. Youkai then held out his hand and then placed a crookit smile across his face.
" Pathic hu.....mans. DIE!!!! Dark mega nova!!!" creating a giant ball of darkness which looked like a blackhole. Blasting his attack destroying the women, and children. Killing all the men that were there. After being satified of his new power flew away without noticing that one of the men there had some how manage to avoid being hit with the blast but wasn't fast enough to avoid the explosion so he was still caught in the explosion, getting up looked at the giant crater left behind from the attack. Feeling some of the dark energy that still engulf the crater looked up and saw someone who was flying away. Wanting to get revenge he chase youkai off. Youkai senseing someone was following him turned around just in time so the iced rock would miss slightly and go over his right shoulder. Looking around couldn't see anything because snow started to fall, just then the sky turned black. A blizzard started to form forcing youkai 9to land on the ground. Seeing someone walk towards him youkai realized that the man walking towards him was creating the blizzard so he created a sword using his newly developed dark powers.
" why did you attack us?" the man ask youkai holding up a lance with a blade on each side. The hand grip is made of ice while the blades are dark blue.
" Because I felt like it. Got a problem?" Youkai holding up the dark blade." If you do then I can kill you too." Pointing the sword to the man.
" Damn you." Rushing towards youkai while youkai did the same. When their weapons collided, youkai's dark blade started to freeze up preventing youkai from using it.
" What?"
" My aisu is a ice based weapon that freezes anything it touches. Only strong ice user like me can control this weapon. Too bad for you your life is able to end." With each passing second more and more of youkai's dark blade was being endulge in ice. Jumping back youkai tryed to melt the ice with his fire ability but it was no use the sword contiued to be engulf with ice. After a few moments the hole sword was covered in ice forcing youkai to drop it so he himself wouldn't get frozen as well as his sword.
" You seem to be quite strong. Why don't you join me?" youkai trying to recruit the man who attacked him senseing a weird power inside of him, before youkai held out his fist.
" Why would I join you?"
" Because you don't have much of a choice now." Shooting his flame cannon at his enemy. The attack was so fast and powerful he sent the man flying as if it was nothing.
" What is your name........ice user?" growing wings on his back was about to fly off when he saw that the man didn't get up. Jumping into the air when he heard his defeated enemy call out to him.
" My name is honoko. What's your?"
" My name is youkai and don't you forget it."
" What's that look on your face for?"
" I can use someone like you. When you see the sign head out and follow it."
" What sign?" raising to his feet honoko just stared into the air.
" Trust me you'll know." Seeing another surviver just fired off a 'dark pulse ball' into the person causeing him to scream in pain. As the man suffer his body started to give out, blood started to pour out of his eyes and his ears. He started to drewling blood from his mouth. His body started to tremble as he slowly drop to the ground. Honoko stared at the man then to youkai who was laughing, and as he slowly turned his attention back to the slowly dying man, honoko wasn't sure how he could help the man let allow save him. He also wasn't sure how youkai was doing that to the man but was too scared to ask youkai himself. He was also wondering what did he get himself into, as he contiued to walk in youkai's direction as he tryed to think of what youkai had in store for him.

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