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D has awaken-68

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1 D has awaken-68 on Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:59 pm


Flame Demon
Feeling every step that her summon took while in a deep sleep, rewinding the events that took place after they defeated kuro. Not sure what
happen to youkai but knew that she had to do something to bring him back before it was too late. In the mist of trying to figure of how to deal
with D's wounds ori didn't see that there was a rope trap right ahead of them and when he finally realized it, it was too late and they were
caught in the trap. Seeing some people come out from where they were hiding, ori wanted to see if they could help D.
" Hey I need your help. My friend here is badly injured and could die in a short time. Please help her." But they didn't respond. So ori tryed again." Please she needs help." But still they didn't answer, and just when ori was about to give up hope they finally answered back.
" If we help your friend there, would you leave her at once?" slowly lowering D, and ori down.
" Yes. Yes we will." With that they released them completely. Taking a look at D. One man sent two of the eight people present out into the
forest to gather some herbs. After a few minutes of gather herbs the men started to mix them together. When they were finished to headed to an old hut, and inside the hut was a elder lady who was expecting D. The
men placed her in front of this lady then they left the hut. The lady applyed the mixed herbs onto D's wound. Even though D. Was unconscience
she was still in pain from the herbs, causing ori to get up.
" Don't worry she is strong, she will be fine." Saying as she continued to apply the herbs. Relaxing abit ori decided to get some rest after
running all those miles to get away from youkai. Seeing the bear fell asleep she decided to call some of the healers that were still around.
" Quickly help me conjour a healing spell and a protective barrier to help her heal faster. This wound is dangerous deep, if she was any
closer to the attacker her heart would have been cut clean right through." Drawing two different circles around D. Then started to chant
a weird kind of langaue which seemed to active the circle. The circle started to light up, the fire that was near them which was to keep D.
Warm turned ice cold as if there was never a fire at all. Suddenly D's body was lefted up off floor as if the light was somehow respondisble.
Her wound was then covered by some more herber medicent by some of the
healers. The older women then placed her hands onto D's head and started to chant yet another weird langaue.
" Kinomehakouyusu temeakesu nagimenhenko" then D's entire body started to glow as the light became stronger. Not knowing if the spell was
working on her or not contiued to hold the spell when the older lady spoke out breaking the chanting.
" Her wounds are more diffcult then we though, as I hold her head I feel a dark negative energy flowing through her opening in her chest.
Something wicked and evil had attacked her. There is nothing we can do for her. We must wait and see if she can over come this herself. She
must deal with the pain of betrayal if she wishes to be heal." Letting go of D's head when another healer spoke out.
" What would happen if she doesn't wish to get heal or if she doesn't get over being betrayed?"
" They she will die. She must get through this alone." Singaling for the others to leave as she followed behind. Leaving D. Behind in the tent ori got up and followed the healers. Sounds of someone in extreme pain could be heard from all over. As D. Struggled with her inner turoil of betrayal
her wounds started to bleed. Now loseing blood, D slowly started to open her eyes as she tryed to get up, by crawling on the floor D. left the
circle which helped her ease up most of the pain she felt, started to feel the full extend of her pain. Not sure if she will be able to deal
with it closed her eyes and started to concertrate on her energy. As her energy started to build up everyone though something was wrong so they headed to where she was. Seeing her surronded by two twisted sprialing energy,ori knew one was hers but he didn't how was youkai's own energy was spilling out of her.
" That's impossible. D. How did you obtain youkai's power." without opening her eyes answered ori back.
" I'm not sure how but I do know my power and his combine together. So what ever he is feeling or thinking I can feel it as well. And right now
his power is being corrupted by something and its causing him pain." Opening both of her eyes blew the tent away and sent everyone back
serval inches." I have to go to him." Placing a hand on her wound, closed her eyes and fire appeared on her hand which then healed her. Opening her eyes and walking towards both swords picked them up and placed enkou on her lower back while she placed her sword across her back. About to head out when the older lady stepped in front of her.

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