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D. and honoko meets-69

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1 D. and honoko meets-69 on Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:06 pm


Flame Demon
" why are you standing in my way?" asking D. when she felt someone near by. looking around knew that they were getting close.seeing that there was someone standing on the rock the elder quickly realized that it was her grandson honoko, about to call out when he started to attack D.
" you must die." jumping in the air slashed down at D. who was just standing there with a seroius look on her face.
" youkai sent you didnt he?" stopping honoko attack with enkou creating a crater. ' what is with this kid?'thinking to himself as to how this girl was able to stop his aisu as if it was nothing. smiling as her sword started to freeze but then stopped in disbelief that enkou just destroyed the ice as if it was nothing
" how did you stop the ice power of my aisu?" honoko jumped back taking a defensive stance as he prepare to go again when he saw enkou start to glow.
" oh thats easy, enkou here is a fire based weapon created by a powerful demon from the fenikkusu clan which is also known as the phoenix clan. this sword is infused with the power of fire so as you can see your aisu i think itwas called cannot freeze it. fire wave" firing the attack at honoko who tryed to counter it
" frozen slice" hitting the fire wave but was easily defeated by the combine power of enkou's fire along with her energy. but thanks to his attack the damanaged he woulded have had be hit with was cut in half.
" honoko stop this before something terrible happens." the elder walked in front of D, which caused honoko to stoping his tracks.
" why, why is it that you defend her?" getting mad now went to attack when D. jumped in front of him and placed enkou to his neck.
" did you forget we are people who defend those that have been hurt. she was mortally wounded so we made it ourduty to protect her. that is why we are defending her."
seeing that he couldnt do anything dropped his weapon and surrender. re-shelthing her sword picked up aisu.
" no dont." but it was too late D. was frozen in ice by the power of the aisu's ability. when he was bout to grab his weapon the ice started to crack, shocking honoko completely making him yet again stop in his tracks.
" but how is what i bet you are wondering am i correct?" honoko just knodded his head yes." well its because like youkai i also weild the power of fire, but i am not as strong as he is with it seeing how he was borned with it while i was infused with it being so close to youkai while he fought some of his battles." giving the aisu back tohonoko. about to speak to the elder when he attacked again but this time D. fired off the fire wave at point blank when enkou collided with the aisu.
" instead of fighting me you should be helping me defeat youkai." talking to a injured honoko who was lying on the floor. about to get up when D. stabbed enkou on the ground cutting honoko alittle bit on the shoulder.
" fine ill will help you but do you realized just how powerful he is. he weilds an army of monsters and his power only continues to rise, by the time you make it to him he will be unbeatable."
" i know." closeing her eyes then opened them after taking in the breeze." thats why i am going to fight with himso i can atlease try to defeat him, before someone gets hurt by him."
" hahaha.... what does a little girl as weak as you think can do to dedeat him?"
" weak?"
" yes. weak." creating an ice arua blowing D. away whle creating a ball of energy as the ice arua was being aborsbinto the ball of energy.
" oh ok i see.... if i can defeat this attack then i am powerful enough to fight on level with youkai. am i corrected?" pointing enkou at him.
" that is correct.......go and freeze everything. ice storm." firing a gust a snow towards D, and the people fromthe village.
" tsk i guess i have no other choice. slient slice." but instead of the usual energy slice going to him it was on
fire. blowing right through the attack as if it was nothing landing in front of honoko sending him into a rock." so i guess its time you join me."
walking away leaving honoko behind.

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