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A tough decesion, the final prepartions- 70

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1 A tough decesion, the final prepartions- 70 on Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:59 pm


Flame Demon
After honoko was defeated he soon realized why youkai was trying to have her killed. Now changing his reslove tohelp D. instead of killing youkai to extract revenge.He didn't noticed that his grandmother was walking towards him.
"I'm sorry grandmother kiyo.I was fulled with so much rage and I wanted to do nothing more but to kill the man responsible for it. But in the end I nearly killed the very same people that i didn't want to get hurt." startingto cry knowing that he nearly killed his grandmother and the people who cared for him, was about to leave when D. walked up to him and held out her hand.
" Its ok. come with me and together we can defeat youkai and protect the same people you care about." grabbing D's hand wasn't sure if he should en-danger his people again.
" I'm sorry but I don't think that I can be of much use to you, and even if I could I probably be in your way so my answer is......" not getting to finish his sentence because D. had smacked him across the face.
" would you get over it, whats done is done and theres nothing you can do but move forward. When I was younger my house was burned down....down to the ground with me still inside it.But I never let what does people did to me get me down instead i moved forward and contiued to move on with my life. and thats how i met youkai."
" im sorry but iam not as strong as you. but i will not allow him to contiued to kill more people."
" so does this mean?"
" yes...it does." honoko picked uphis aisu and when he did it disappeared into thin air.
" how did you do that?" D. asking in complete amazement trying to do that with her sword, but couldnt.
" oh thats easy, first you have to creat a space where you can place things into using your own energy. then all you do is just place or picture what ever you want into that space. i learned that from your friend youkai when ifirst fought him, he made some weird kind of weapon appear from thin air." D. trying to do as honoko said found it hard as first but then she remembered the energy training that both her brother and youkai taught her. once she remembered the training then it became natrual for her to create the space. she only made it big enough to fit her
sword within it while she carryed around enkou. once she placed enkou on her back she drop down to one knee holding her chest as if she was in alot of pain.
" are you ok?" asked kiyo as she ran towards D.
" yeah i....im fine....i just need to res.....rest for a bit tha....thats all." her voice started to fade as she sank to the floor. blacking out completely once she hit the floor. kiyo knew from the moment she saw D. close her eyes and took the breeze she knew that D. wasnt able to keep fighting the pain she felt. even though she had healed her wound.
" honoko go get the other healers. we must perform another healing barrier to try and subside her pain." when honoko was about to go get help he felt his leg get grabbed, looking down he saw that d's body was moving on its own.
" do not....i repeat do not get help. she will be fine just allow her to rest for a bit." the voice that he heard was not that of D's but something else. when he looked around he saw that no one else heard this voice so he ignored his grandmother's order and instead created a barrier using his ice aura to help protect her. after setting up the aura he walked over to his old tent and stepped inside.
' hmmm what is this?' thinking to himself when he found a box, searching through the box honoko found a sword.
" that sword belong to your father." making honoko jump up from his daze turned around to face his grandmother.
" my father's?"
" yes he called it the dark aisu, because of its amazing power to command ice and it had a secert that only your father and i knew. this weapon can also use powerful dark base attacks."
" dark....based.....attacks?" looking at the sword in awe as he held it with both hands. he felt his power over ice start to increase.
" but just know this..... " pauseing for a breif moment." that not even your father could control the amzaing power of the dark aisu. but if you want to attempt to use such an increable power as the dark aisu then you must be willing to allow all that has happen to you in the past as your father abanding you and that you lost these's you hold close and dear to you but put behind you." leaving the tent as honoko tryed to get over that faithful day his father left him. when he remembered how mad his father became from using the power of the dark aisu he heard an
explosion coming from where he left D. at. hurrying outside he saw that D. was standing there with a smile on her face. sensing an increiable power flowing out of her.
" are you ready honoko?"
" walking towards D. with the dark aisu in one hand and the ice aisu in the other. he didnt noticed that aisu had serparted into two different weapons. fusing them back together he then place the aisu into the energy space he created.
" yes iam ready."
" then lets head out." D. walking towards the entrance of the small village that had helped her recover back to a hundred percent health.

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