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Getting Closer To The Goal-71

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1 Getting Closer To The Goal-71 on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:33 pm


Flame Demon
Finally leaving the small village full of healers, D. contiued to walk but not alone she had honoko who decided to help for the sake of his grandmother kiyo. Staring up into the sky thinking about youkai and how to get him back, D. didn't noticed that she had walked into a forest.
" Hey D. snap out of it, there's something heading this way." Honoko started to bring out his aisu but stop when D. held out her hand and stop him.
" Don't worry about it. Let the demon go but if it attacks then we will defend ourselves." she said as she started to walk.
" But...."
" But nothing. our main concern is to defeat youkai. We have to save our energy and only fight neccary battle." Leaving honoko behind who was very impress of her words. As he followed D. onward to osanago. And as he said they started to feel a very powerful and evil aura get closer to them, as they contiued to walk to came across somerocks and D. soon realized that the rocks they were walking on was once part of the wall from osanago, they looked on in shock as the light from the moon shined all over revealing that there was nothing left of osanago. It was
completely destroyed, the smell of blood was still fresh in the air. They could see the corpes of what was left of the villagers from the outer wall of osanago. Becoming in rage from what he saw brought fourth his aisu but quickly stop when D. pointed enkou at him.
"Don't even bother to use that thing. He's already here." Moving her head in the direction of the undead army youkai had summoned before he sent honoko after D.
" This isn't good. That's the army youkai summoned which means we have to fight our way to him." looking up saw one of the soliders above them. D. reacted quickly slashing at it cutting it in half. once she landed the solider started to regenarate itself.
" what's going on?" not wasteing and time honoko slashed at it, but again it was no good.
" D. get back I'am going to freeze them." about to do what he said noticed that they just stood there waiting.
" No stop.....energy cutter." pulling out her sword and quickly fired it at the ground in front of the solider sending him flying into the rest of them causing honoko stop in his tracks because of the smoke from the impact.
" Hey why did you do that for? I had them in my sights." honoko putting his aisu away waited for D. to answer him.
" Because......they wanted you to do that, my guess is they were going to drain away your power. I you look at the corpses closely then you can see what im saying." Pointing at the corpses, honoko realzied that D. was right. All the corpses seemed to be drained and an barzzard aura coming out from them.
" Then what should we do?"
" We should fall back for now." firing another energy cutter into the ground to create some more smoke to mask their escape.
" Good idea."
" Thanks lets go before the smoke clear." running back into the forest to come up with a stragety. Once they entered the forest the undead army stop in there tracks and went back towards youkai.
" How do you think we should approach them?"
" I don't know honoko." Seeing that there was another way into the inner circle of osanago D. gave the order for honoko to attack the army head on while she tryed to sneak past them. Doing excatly what D. tolded him to do honoko charged head first while D. circled around and found her way in somehow. But once she made it inside she saw fang who quickly just as he easily picked up onto D's scent. But not reacting because he didn't want her to get hurt, walked away as if he was leading her to youkai. As D. followed fang she sensed a demon nearby but this one was a weak demon. Ignoring it didn't noticed that it was following her until fire came blasting it completely. D. quickly notice that the fire was youma's. Walking up to him to thank him fang pushed D. out the way as youma fired a stream of intenseify fire at her.
" youkai did something to youma and now he is evil watch out." shooting out a stream of fire to battle with youma's fire." Hurry, follow this path straight to youkai, while I hold of youma." nodding her head to thank fang while wishing him the best of luck. Once she was out of view both youma and fang stop their fire.
" Fang you traitor what do you think you are doing protecting the enemy like that?"
" She is not our enemy, she is our friend......snap out of it youma. Please don't make me fight you."
" Then lets fight......you traitor." Blowing yet another stream of fire at fang.
" So be it, my old friend......i hope you come back to your senses before it is too late." blowing a stream of fire to counter attack youma's fire, which caused a explosion.

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