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Youma VS Fang-72

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1 Youma VS Fang-72 on Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:11 pm


Flame Demon
" Why are you doing this youma?" Fang dodging another one of youma's attacks before he started to transform into his armor. Youma ignoring fang's question just jumped into the air and started to blast a gust of wind at him making him unable to move from the force and power of the wind. Opening his mouth fired another condense stream of fire towards fang which then picked up extra power.
" I see combing wind and fire together not bad at all youma. Too bad its not good enough......Omega Shot!" Fang opened his mouth and started to charge his attack, but it couldn't charge fast enough and fang got covered in the fire.
" Hahaha.....did you honestly think that you could defeat me fang. You are weak......what!!!" Fang forcing the omega shot through the fire spliting it clean through, scored a direct hit onto youma's chest knocking him to the ground. And now with the wind gone fang was free to move again.
" Shadow Claw!!!" Fang raced off into the dust that flew up from the ground where youma landed while his claw was covered with a shadowy aura, but when he got there youma was nowhere in sight. A voice could be heard from the distance making fang turn around. Not really seeing anything got hit in his back. Ignoring the impact from the unknowned attack started to look around but couldn't see anything. Knowing that he couldn't rely on his sense of sight started to use his sense of smell.
" Ha found you." Doing another shadow claw hit something. The object he hit, hit the ground which brought up some more smoke. While the smoke was there fang took the opportunity to check his wounds from the damaged he received. While he was check that out the smoke started to clear up, and someone laughing could be heard from the vanishing smoke.
" As expected of a wolf demon to use one of his enhance senses. But I am still more powerful then you in my current state. Ice pillars!!!!!" creating multiple sharp ice towers which came flying up off the ground. Fang now trying his best to dodge the ice assault by using his speed when he frozen.
" What???" Youma once again started to blow a gust of wind at him made him stuck in his track, and due to the wind he got hit with three ice pillars trapping him completely.' Damnit I can't move......'
" Now that your trapped I can really do some damage. Seimic Flare.....it's over." Youma plunged his claws into the ground as fang would when he performs his omega shot. Opening his mouth as his tail came up and pointed at fang while youma's wings strech his wings outwards and lifted the back up. Nowing firing a massive fire ball which pushed youma back while his attack flew dircetly at fang leaving him with no way to dodge or defend himself. Causing an explosion youma raised up and sensed something, looked down to see fang right in front of him. Putting his wings in the way he block fang's shadow claw.
" How did you escape from the pillar and survive my attack?" youma's head could barely been seen because he was still covering himself with his wings.
" Oh thats easy. I engulf my entire body with my 'Omega Fire' which melted the ice. And as for your seimic flare I believe that thats what you called it, I used my shadow to avoid the attack just as the attack came within a few inches of me." Getting ready to fight again when he saw youma move his wings.
" I see. You are better then I thought you would be, I guess I need to stop holding back now." With that youma started to transform into an armor that fang has only heard of but never seen.
" So is this the dragonic crisom form?" Fang not sure how to appoarch youma now, watched on as he contiued to transform. ' Damn at this rate I won't stand a chance.' Was the only thing in fang's mind as youma's power started to blow him away.
" Yes it is. And if you though that I was strong before then you haven't seen anything yet." Just then fang was sent back because something explosed right in front of him. Getting up slightly looked at youma who was still standing in the same spot.
" What was that just now?" Youma just started to laugh.
"What's the matter? Are you really that slow fang?" Fang sensed something heading his way but he couldn't move fast enough to avoid it. So fang got hit again and was sent into a broken down wall. ' D...DAMN....how can I compete with speed like that.' Not waiting for the little patch of smoke to disappear he fired a fire ball which blew away the smoke and headed in youma direcion but once the smoke was blowned away youma wasn't there at all. ' Whoa where did he go?' Searching for youma used his sense of smell again and it led him to youma who was above him. But it was too late, youma had fired another seimic flare down at him. But this time fang was ready he used his shadow to absorb the attack and return it back to youma which shocked him making his reaction slow, causing him to get hit.
" Hopefully that did the trick." But as he was walking away youma spreaded his wings off to the side and blow the smoke away.
"Hmm.....very well executed, and your timing was nearly perfected. So you really are worthy to pocess the power of fire. Fire which represent courage, strenght and honor amongest the spirits. It also represent the will to fight, to strive, and also to be strong. For that i shall let you live......but know this, if we happen to cross paths again then I shall destroy you in a instant." And with that youma disappeared leaving fang behind who couldn't hold his form anymore due to the amount of damaged he received by youma. ' If we had contiued to fight then I would surely have died.' With that last thought he remembered D. and soon realized that if youma has gotten that strong and was heading in her dircetion, then what about youkai. How strong has youkai gotten since he switched from being good to evil. Fang gotten so worry that he forgot he was hurt badly by youma and that he couldn't transform anymore unless he healed sped off towards youkai in hope that he wasn't too late to save her.

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