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The Firece Battle Within Part 2-75

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1 The Firece Battle Within Part 2-75 on Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:07 pm


Flame Demon
Still seeing no sign of youkai being around after having walked for a couple of minutes saw something in the sky shrouded in darkness. Taking cover behind a nearby wall which was slanted slightly, seeing the object fly thought the sky and not having any clues as to where youkai is she decided to follow it in hopes that she will find something, or someone.

Meanwhile honoko ran into fang, and thinking fang was the enemy he attack fang who was still hurt and had no energy left over from his fight with youma. Trowing his aisu at fang knowing that if he got close then it will alert him. Sensing that there was something heading towards him but not knowing where it was waited for the last minute then he jumped dodging the aisu. Looking around he didn't see anyone, realizing that there was someone there with him looked over to the weapon but it was gone. Fang couldn't hold himself up right so he drop down to his side but still kept his head up, when he felt something coming from above him. He look up seeing the same weapon coming towards him, struggleing to dodge the attack, but he couldn't dodge the attack in time and instead of being deeply wounded he was just cut slightly on the back instead. The aisu was somehow stuck on his back making it a bit harder for him to get up. Grabbing the weapon with his teeth, fang threw it in front of him, and shortly after he did that honoko landed right next to it.
" You.....what are you doing here, and where's D?" Fang not really sure what was going on, didn't get an answer like he had hoped for from honoko. Instead honoko charged at him again, fang waved his claws in his direction hoping that his shadow claw would work which it did but honoko easily dodged it by jumping into the air. Now firing an ice wave towards fang who was trying to perform a fire streak but couldn't, and as the wave came closer fang started to search for the fire deep within him.
" I' am the fire that burns deep within you, the entity that sparks your life's soul. My name is Guren." Fang looked on in disblief as the being talking to him was completely covered in fire.
" guren I need to borrow some more of your power in order to help one of my closes friend from himself." Guren just knodded as fang felt extra power started to flow through him. Opening his eyes which started to glow lightly opened his mouth as fire could be seen hanging around it.
" Fire Streak." Fang fired out a stream of fired into the fired wave, and due to his injuryies and having no power left, just souly rely on his inner fire which was quickly running out. Finally the power of honoko's ice wave disappeared allowing fang to pushed pass it. But honoko wasn't going to give up that easily so instead of dodging the attack or just making it weakier he instead started to spin his aisu at a very fast pace clearing up the fire once it hit him. Hoping to keep up his spinning until fang's fire went out was in shock when fang forced every last ounce of his inner fire into his attack covering honoko in a matter of seconds not really giving honoko enough time to move. Just then honoko was sent crashing to the ground cover in fire. Once the fire cleared up honoko lefted his head but it was too late fang was already over him.
" please help D. defeat youkai....." Those were fangs last words before he got off of honoko and drop to his side once again.
" I will.....but I'am going to need your help, so what do you say." Waiting for fang to answer.
" Once my energy comes back then I will help you." Once fang said that honoko remembered that he had a energy herb that his grandmother had given him before he had fought with youkai. pulling it out he explained to fang that it will return his energy but not heal his wounds. Fang excepted the herb and in a matter of seaconds he was back up and rushing forth to youkai with honoko on his back.

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2 Re: The Firece Battle Within Part 2-75 on Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:09 pm


Flame Demon
umm this story doesn't really relate to the tite unless you count the inner fire part.
also this just leads up to the next part of the firece battle from within

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