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Chapter 4: the break out

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1 Chapter 4: the break out on Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:53 pm


After yamoto left the room. he heard noise coming from the main hall. he ran there to see a huge riot. then moto runs up to him and says

Moto: well it looks like you dont have to hurt anyone, this is the work of destiny!!! you come to the cell, your in the same room as me, then as soon as i tell you everything, i riot happens!!! destiny is a great thing!!

Yamoto: enough talking and lets get out of here!!!

After yamoto and moto escapes they find shelter in a inn the owner let them have a bed for free with some food and water.

Yamoto: thank you for your kindness miss, im sorry but i did not get your name.

Inn keeper: oh how rude of me, my name is lora. and you two?

Yamoto: im yamoto asaki and this is.... my brother moto asaki.... i think

Lora: well i could tell you two look just alike

Then yamoto noticed that moto had turned to his true form, they looked just alike, except moto had a different hair style and a scar on his face.

Lora: well your room is at the end of the hall on your left.

After yamoto and moto entered the room and was ready to go to bed,

Moto: there is somthing about that women..... shes not normal

Yamoto: yeah she was so generus to us..... its creapy...

Moto: no that that.... she has a strange aura.... she feels strong....

Yamoto: are you saying shes a fighter??? its not impossible

Moto: with my mental powers i can sense these kind of things... i might be rusty from being in that jail.... but i think she could even have powers.....

After a few seconds of silence, they here something from the lobby


Lora: what are you doing!!??

???: dont make us hurt you!! we from the mental jail and we need some quick cash now give it up!!

Yamoto: moto!! i think there trying to rob her!!

Moto: well thats nice... as long as they dont come in here

Yamoto: WHAT!!!??? how can you say that!! she gave us food, water, and shelter for free!! we have to help her!!

yamoto then runs out the room

Moto: i had a feeling he was gonna do that.... i cant just leave him...

Yamoto rushes to the lobby and sees 4 men in jail outfits.

Man 1: lady we gonna hurt you if you dont give us what we want!!

Yamoto grabs a wooden stick

Yamoto: Leave her alone and Get out of here now!!!

Man 1: who is this?

Man 2: i dont know but we gotta get rid of him

Yamoto: i warned you four.... now suffer the rath of yamoto asaki!!!

Moto: dont underestimate them!! remember they are from the mental jail, they may have powers!!

Yamoto charged at one of them and smashed the stick on his head, the stick broke and blood burst from the man's head. Yamoto then turned and kicked the next man in the nuts and he fell to the floor. then yamoto stabed him with the broken stick. the next man charged at yamoto. yamoto jumped in the air and came down with a kick that would send him flying, but the man made a sighn with his hands and spit a few words and a shield formed over him. moto then jumped into action. he moved fast and spit on the shield and it disapeared. yamoto then landed his kick and the man was sent flying into a table.

Yamoto: what was that?

Moto: it was a reflection spell, it would have reversed the power of your kick and your leg would have felt all the pain, but i know its weakness, spit

Yamoto: that a hard weakness, know one would ever think of that.

Man 1: you think this is over??? its not over!!

the man drew a sword that shinned in the light, it was double edged and it had a red glow to it

Yamoto: my sword!!!??..... how dare you....

Man 1: oh this is your sword? thats funny i just picked it up from the evidence room on my way out the jail, so that means you were a runaway to? hahahaa!! funny how im about to defeat you with your own sword!!

Yamoto: you are not worthy to weild that sword.... not even i am worthy to wield it...... you will pay!!!

Man 1: your funeral!!!!

yamoto charged at the man with full force and aimed the broken stick at him

Moto: yamoto no!!!

Moto then formed a sign with his hands

Moto: Shield!!!

A large shield formed over yamoto, but the sword that the man held went right threw the shield. just when the sword reached yamoto, the man droped the sword and yamoto stabed him in the chest.

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2 Re: Chapter 4: the break out on Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:10 pm


Flame Demon
wow i wonder why the sword fell. could you explain it for me please.

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