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The firece battle within part 3- 76

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1 The firece battle within part 3- 76 on Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:54 pm


Flame Demon
As honoko sat apon fang's back D. had finished following the shadow that she saw in the sky. Entering threw the doors of the only building around. Now wondering to herself as to how she didn't see the building from when she first touched down apon the ruins of osanago, she soon realized that she had walk through a barrier. She had only realized it when fang had crashed it head first and was sent back flying through the air. Rushing forth to see if he was ok, D. was shock by the barrier once she touch it.
" I see, you want to fight me without any interfence. Well that's fine by me....youkai." D. did an about face and continued to walk through the building onward towards youkai. Not really sensing that anyone, but more like feeling multiple presents in the room in-front of her. Even though she was out number four to one, she decided to press onward to save the very person who saved her. Stopping a few feet away from the exit she started to think to herself about what she had to do in order to save youkai from himself. Once she entered the room which had no roof. The interior room had pillars, some of which were broken, while others were slanted, while having some cracks on it. Looking at youkai she saw the same cold eyes that the villagers had given her before she meet youkai.
Standing next to youkai was youma, with someone standing on his head. But because he was out of the moons ray, the onlying thing that could be seen was his eyes. Something could be seen moving behind youkai, but D. just ignored it, due to the fact that there was no life emitting from it. Trying to think of a way out of this so she can even the odds when youkai spoke, calling out her name making her drop her guard thinking he changed back.
"Youkai....did you return to normal?" Just then she felt something brush right pass her, causing her to jump into the air. Looking down D. saw yow that it was youkai just staring at her with a wick smile on his face as his eyes continued to pierce right through her making D. unable to fight back, and making it even harder to defend herself. Just when D. was about to give up hope, masario appeared in-front of her once she landed. But he didn't appear alone, instead he dragged oni out as well.
"D!" Masario started to talk. "Once i give you the signal, charge straight into youkai. Is that understood?"
"But I...." Being cut off when oni charged forward towards youkai, who had just stood there waiting for the attacks, while he waited for D. to make her move.
"Now!!!" Masario fired some sound waves for D. which hit youkai stunning him for a moment, which was long enough for D. to get close enough to youkai. But when she got right in-front of him, D. started to disappear inch by inch until she was completely gone. While D. was disappearing, fang and honoko was busy trying to get into the barrier or shield that was put up when D. entered. Honoko slashing at it with his aisu, while fang was charging directly into the barrier attacking it with full force in hope he could break through but nothing. Just then when they had sense D. disappeared they started to charge up an attack when an axe came flying from out of nowhere smashing through the barrier. Stopping right where they were, looked around scanning, surveying the area but to no aviel. There was no one in sight. When they turned back around the axe that landed in front of them was gone. Rushing forward saw masario and oni stand side-by-side, While zang who had revealed himself when the barrier went down, and youma who was watching the fight.
"Where is D." Fang screaming not waiting for an answer, and in a sudden burst of rage charged at youkai while honoko follwed up behind him when zang block honoko. Shortly afterward when fang was within a few feet of youkai, youma jumped in the way of fang and fired a fire ball directly into fang's face.
"Shadow spikes." Fang's fur grew pointed, quickly shifting towards his face firing many needle like attacks covered in a shadowy aura completely destroying the fire ball coming from youma. Youma getting hit spreaded his wings protecting youkai from the attack.

"Where am I?" D. searching around unable to move. Hearing a voice coming from all over as she noticed who's voice it was.
"YOukai!!" Trying to pier through the darkness but couldn't see anything still. Not sure what to do, when all of a sudden another voice could be heard from beyond the darkness. Not reconginzing the voice D. picked up her guard, when she noticed that light started to sallow up the darkness around her. D. started to grab her head as it felt like it was going to explode. Little by little the darkness started to disappear revealing the battlefield where youkai and her had once fought side by side against kuro.
"Why are you showing me this? Wait is that....no it can't be, that's!!" Just then D. saw kuro's face fade away from youkai's face, making her realized that they never really defeated kuro but instead allow him to take control of youkai. Without even really noticing it D. started to slowly drift forward, down into youkai's direction as he just stood there. It was as if time had just stood still, as tears came down D's face as she stared into youkai's eyes when he turned around, when kuro came out flying through the image of youkai slashing his sword down hitting D. completely, but instead of dieing from the hit she just felt pain.
"As you can see you cannot die here, because of this pathic and powerful attachment he has towards you. But you cannot....no more like not allowed to leave here....hahahahaha" Staring at that memory image of youkai as he laugh.
"What have you done to youkai." With an intense pain in her voice, as she cleth her teeth struggling to speak and not scream due to the extreme pain inflicked upon her.
"Me...oh nothing. Really. Honestlly all I did was use the 'heart of darkness' to reveal his true self."
"What do you mean his..." kuro cutting her off.
"But because he was weak I decided to take control of his body and use him as I see fit." Just putting a smile on his face to get D. mad at him.
"So it was you who attack me!!" Colsing her fists tightly.
"No, actually before the heart of darkness had any affect on him, he had already attack you. My guess is that he out of knew that I was going to control him or that he just didn't want you traveling with him anymore." Kuro just strugged his sholder thinking what he said had affected her, which it did but not as much as he though it was. Even with his feelings hurt she still wanted to bring him back. 'He wouldn't....no he couldn't.' D. now being greatly affected by his words as they echoed through her head. And even though D. knew that youkai could never really harm her intenally but because of the heart she was being affected by it, doubting not only herself but youkai as well.
"What is the heart of darkness?" Being able to move a bit more freely, D. then started to move more closer to kuro.
"It was the heart of a very dangerous dragon that was crupted with darkness. Because the dragon had accepted the darkness around him and let it take over him, the villagers had to go against the same thing that swore to protect them, but when they fail the villagers resorted to hiring warriors to battle the dragon and defend the village. After a long and firece battle with the dragon, they were finally able to defeat it. To make sure no one could resurrect the dead dragon the villagers removed the heart of the dragon and sealed it within a temple that has been seal with an ancient curse. After the villagers had seal up the heart they then had the warriors take the body of the dead dragon to an unknown locating beneanth the kingdom burying it, having the sages put yet another but more powerful ancinet spell on it to prevent its return. As kuro explain what the heart of darkness is and how it came into being, D. contiued to look back and forth between kuro and youkai as if afraid to look at one for too long. And due to the growing affects of the heart which contiues to manifest itself within youkai, D. struggled to get rid of the feeling the heart placed into her. The feeling of hatred towards youkai, and the dispear of losing her life.
"Why am I feeling this way?" Grabbing onto her chest as if her heart itself was going to be influnce by the darkness emitting from within youkai.
"It is because the heart of darkness was used directly within youkai, whatever that is within him will soon succum to its power and evenually turn evil. Or so I was told." Kuro then disappeared as if he never was talking to her, as if he wasn't real.
"Damn" once again grabbing onto her chest because of the increasing power of the heart. Losing her focus because of what kuro said started to disapear.
"I have to hurry, who knows how long I can keep this up. The pain and the heart." Searching around D. found someone just floating around in the empty space as if he was unaffected by the heart and could care less about what was happening around him. Unsure if she should appaorch him,precceded with caution.
"Who are you?" Keeping her distance just incase this person decided to attack her too.
"My name is chaos, but when I am within youkai I am knowned as the enteral flame. I am the one that keeps youkai's fire burning strong and brightly, what is it that you seek....D." Chaos putting a smirk on his face as he watches D. struggle to keep her sanity and her personally away from the power of the heart, and from the increadable power that is emitting from him.
"Why are you unaffected by the heart?" D. noticed the power of the heart start to slowly disappear.
"Because I can command and I have also mastered the power of darkness."
"I have two more questions for you. First how do I stop the heart of darkness, and are you the one who gave youkai that power?" As she waited for an answer the pain she felt had also started to leave her body. 'Hmm I can't I feel the pain anymore, or the heart?'

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