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The Fierec Battle From Within Part 4- 77

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1 The Fierec Battle From Within Part 4- 77 on Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:17 am


Flame Demon
"Yes I am the one who gave youkai the power to transform into the form that you know as the choas armor. When he calls out my name in before he calls forth the armor then he will only receive but a small portion of my power, but if he were to call out my secondary name which I said early which is 'Interal Flame'. The both of us will be fused together and he will be given all of my power. From there on out we will be know as blaze. But as for the heart of darkness you must fell where it is at, because I cannot do that myself. I know that you are connected to youkai in more ways then one." Choas just closed his eyes then took a deep breath to restain himself from attacking D.
"Choas...er....interal flame?" confused as to which name she should call the man standing in front of her.
"Either name is fine."
"I was wondering....what does youkai mean to you?" Backing away alittle slowly because of the face choas was now starting to make, when he answer her back.
"What he means to me....is nothing but a host." D. could tell that choas was lying but she didn't press the matter any further. But instead decided to try and sense where the heart was.'I don't know how he knows that I am somehow connected to youkai but here goes nothing.' Closing her eyes to help her focus more on the darkness are her. But the more she try to find the source of the heart, the more the darkness around started to enter her body making it more diffcult to find it. Just feeling a little remorse choas decided to lend her a helping hand as he then started to absorb all of the darkness that lume around them.
"Hey are you done yet or not?" Choas was nearly finish in absorbing all of the darkness around them. But D. didn't answer him. Once he had finished absorbing the remaining darkness around them D's entire body just started to glow as she lost all control of her body as it raced towards the direction from which the darkness poured out from. Enjoying himself, choas just continuing to suck in the darkness which made him even more powerful. The more he took in the stronger he became.

As D. continued to search for the heart inside of youkai, fang and honoko were having trouble dealing with youkai,youma, and zang.
"What is the matter honoko? Don't tell me your finished already." Zang picking up a boulder with ease threw it in honoko direction. Honoko just dodge the boulder by jumping back and fell down into a pit.
"Hahaha you fell right into my trap."
"What!!!" Honoko wasn't sure as to what was going on. He was in a room like area where he couldn't even see his hand out in front of him.
"I hope you enjoy your time in that room where youkai had attack with his power. I know that I did." Zang started to walk in honoko's direction, once he reach the boulder he jumped on top of it. Zang wanted to get a better view of fang's and youma's fight. 'Just great I'm in a room where i can't see, hear or feel anything. So how am I suppose to get out of here...WAIT!!! that's it.' Honoko then pulled out his father's dark aisu.'I hope this works.' Atempting to swallow all of the darkness to find a way out. Drawing in all of the darkness, honoko could fell it building up little by little. But soon it was all too much for him to control.
About to lose control honoko let go re-filling the room with the darkness that he had just suck in. 'Damn it, what was it that my father had said about using this aisu?' Trying to remember when his chain of though was broken when he heard the screams of many different people coming from all around him. The darkness had somehow brought back the many lives of the people zang made suffer, feeling their pain as his own.
"Ahh...what is going on?" As honoko tryed to pull himself together to remember about his father, he saw zang appear. But then another and another, just then the entire room was filled with zangs. One by one, and one after the other they all came at honoko attacking him from all sides. Trying to defend himself despite feeling the same kind of pain the others felt who fell prey to zang's ruthless attack on their homes. Honoko struck the first zang in front of him, cutting straight throught him.
"What...an a illusion?" Just then one of the zangs behind him slashed him in the back cutting him. But ingoring the wound honoko spun around and attack the zang which had just attack him.
"What no way, I can't hurt them but they can hurt me!!!" Spreading his arms out to his sides, releasing some energy creating a sort of barrier to help him gain some more time to remember what his father told him. All of the zangs came at the barrier nearly breaking it in one shot, then with their next strike they had crack the barrier. Trying desperatly to remember when he saw the zangs back off, not sure what was going on he used that little extra time to remember. The zangs had charged up alittle bit of power around them then came at honoko without wasting anymore time. finally remember in time waited for the zangs to get even closer, once they did he fired the crack barrier off in ever direction hitting them all except for one which honoko finished off very quickly.
"Hang in there fang. I'm coming." Honoko then pulled out his very own aisu and held it side by side with his father's aisu. Combining both of the aisu together honoko created a newer more stronger version of both the aisu. Atempting once again to suck up the darkness found it earier to do so, as he look on as all the darkness around him disappeared revealing the exit. Jumping out didn't see zang around but instead he saw ori and masario unconscience next to each other. He saw youkai just stare at them, then quickly turning his attention to fang who was lying on the ground motionless.
"We can't have you attack us again fang, now can we?" Youkai was now calling fang back into him. Once he was done he saw honoko just standing there."You are the only one left....honoko."

D. stop directly in front of kuro's body which had the heart of darkness planted in his hand. About to cut the heart with her sword, she saw that his hand had started to move. But without warning or any hesistion chaos fired a concerated ball of energy at kuro's body destroying it along with the heart in a single attack.
"Wow...how did you do that?" But chaos didn't answer, instead he held out his hand summoning a ball of darkness around him which exploded. Closing her eyes from the shockwave of the explosion. Opening her eyes found herself back outside of youkai's body and to the sight of youkai holding honoko in the same kind of attack he had choke her with. Realizing that honoko bearly had any air remaining within his lungs, D. rush forward and swung her sword at youkai who dodge it easily, while still holding his grip on honoko.
"Let him go!!!"swing her sword down accidently firing an enormous light from the tip of her sword, which started to destroy the ground as it sped over the floor and in youkai's direction. Exploding once it got to youkai creating a cloud of smoke and the force of the attack created a gust of wind which blew D. back a bit. Seeing honoko holding his neck as he started to cough while bearly being able to breathe, on his knees. Rushing forth to help aid honoko when she heard someone laughing.
"Foolish girl you cannot stop us."

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