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The Firece Battle Within Final-78

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1 The Firece Battle Within Final-78 on Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:04 pm


Flame Demon
Just then there was a faint outline that look like youma with his wings folded in front of him. Expanding his wings quickly blew away the smoke revealing both youkai and himself unharmed. In that moment D. started to fear for both honoko and her lives.
"I couldn't save youkai, let alone defeat him and youma. What am I going to do now?" D. drop down to her knees and start to cry because she fail the one person who actually care about her. Honoko trying to get up collaped onto the floor. His breathing was very deep and he couldn't speak, barely being able to keep his eyes open just blackout. As youma was preparing to attack D. heard what sounded like talking.
"So youkai, what have you been up to?" D. recongined the voice, so she then lifted her head up slowly.
"Kusari?" She saw kusari standing behind youkai in a hold.
"What...how did you..." Being cut off by kusari who put a smirk on his face.
"I hope you enjoy this because I will." Just then both youkai and youma was engulf with an emence amount of light. No sound could be heard from within the light, but when D. got up she noticed the honoko body was also ingulf with the same strange light that was engulfing both youkai and youma. So D. had no other choice but to wait for the pillars of light to die down so she can find out what was going on, but she though to herself maybe she probably didn't want to know what had just happened. And as she waited she started remember about the deep wound that youkai had inflicted upon her when they had defeated kuro. Remembering the pain and remembering how after she was struck all that she saw was someone getting ingulf by this emence light but wasn't sure who it was, now realizing who it was. And that it was youkai got up and wiped away her tears, when she felt as if she was being watched. Stareing around when she noticed the same lifeless shadow that she came across when it was hiding behind youkai.
"Sorry about this youkai...but I am going to have to leave your side once again. But only for a moment." Picking up her sword and placing it onto her back. Running off in the last direction that the shadow was heading, when after running for a little bit D. saw something move. Not senseing anything from it she knew that it was the same shadow she was chasing. The shadow starting to shift coming towards D. She started to draw her sword without realizing it.The shadowy figure which stood before D. made a noise which D. couldn't make out so she took a few steps back just in case it was some sort of spell.
"So tell me D. how is your beloved brother, flame doing?" Pointing her sword at the shadowy figure with one hand trying not to prokove it, nor not really sure who or what it was. Placing her other hand on the hilt of the sword as she brought it back getting ready to attack when the shadow spoke again.
"How cruel! All I wanted to know was how my good old friend flame was doing. And what of my brother youkai? Is he doing well?" The voice started to laugh making D. mad but because she was hurt and tire she wasn't sure if she could muster up enough strenght to take part in another fight. Lowering her sword to rest a little bit more.
"What is it that you want?" the voice stop laughing and moved closer to D.
"Oh nothing big, I just want you to deliever a message for me to my brother. That's all."

Kusari looking down on youkai, thinking, wondering as to what was running through his leaders head when he order him to recruit youkai and not kill him. When he saw D. walking in their direction looking at the floor. Once D. lefted up her head she didn't know what was going on, and she didn't spot honoko and though the worst so she was getting ready to draw her sword once again but stop in her tracks to a voice that now scares her.
"Wait D. don't draw your sword, just relax and rest." After being stuck for a moment D. then regain the courage to walk over to youkai's side, helping him up into a sitting position, all the while giving kusari a cold stare. As if he knew what was running through her mind he spoke out.
"Relax I'm here to help you guys get back to my base safe and sound, I was sent here to ask youkai for his help. And if your wondering what that strange light I used was then don't because even I don't know, I was just told to use it once I saw youkai." Drawing one of his axes from his back when D. swung her sword towards his neck keeping it in place a few inches from him.
"D. don't he's just too strong for you to take on." Hearing his voice again D. froze in place once more. youkai slowly getting to his feet tried to draw enkou but collapsed on the floor. Hearing the sound of a loud thump D. turned around seeing youkai on the ground she dropped her sword and ran to his side without a second thought. Sitting on her knees turning his body lying his head onto her lap. Looking at his face D. smiled because youkai seem so peaceful with his eyes close. Almost forgetting that kusari was there D. was about to start crying but then she heard talking.
"I was sent her to offer you and your boyfriend here to join me and the other paladins." Anger flared up in D's eyes.
"Why should we join you when you tried to kill youkai once before."
"Heh well I have some information on your brother flame and I'm sure you don't want anything to happen to him do you." D's heart almost shattered into pieces, being fulled with rage and fear from the words that came out of his mouth.
"And I'm sure youkai will join me."
"Oh yeah and how is it that you know that?"
"Well besides the fact that you might join because you care about your brother, and youkai will never leave you alone unless you tell him to, I know where his brother is at as well. And youkai wants revenge against his brother." Not sure what kusari meant when he said that youkai wants revenge so she was laughing to herself about youkai joining kusari just for it.
"Ah I see he never told you."
"Told me what?"
"That his brother kaitos not only killed their mother but their father as well." Repeating the words killed their mother and father over and over in her head still wasn't sure what kusari was talking about.
"If we join up with you, will you tell us what we want to know?"
"Yes, but only under one condition."
"Which is?" Not liking where this was going.
"You both will have to complete a few missions I see fit." thinking for a moment, not wanting to make a decided without youkai's approve just nodded her head.
"Ok...when do we start?"
"The minute youkai wakes up."
"Ok...lets go then." Kusari just picked youkai up with one hand which he placed his other hand on D's shoulder then just disappeared into thin air.

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