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The Short Briefing For His First Mission- 79

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1 The Short Briefing For His First Mission- 79 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:35 pm


Flame Demon
Three days has past by and youkai was still not awake, which angered kusari to the point where he was no longer in the mood to wait instead he wanted to just march into the medical room where youkai slept but he didn't want to disobey a direct order from the leader himself, fearing that he will kill him for not doing what he said. leaving his room which had a TV monitor to all the camera throughout the entire base, a bed which was tidy looking as if he rarely uses it, a small laptop that was connect to a cable running through the wall. His room wasn't messy at all, in fact it looked as if no one ever slept in there. Not caring to walk around with his axes because everyone that lived in the underground base was scare of him or didn't care about picking a fight with him minding their own business. After taking a few minutes to reach the elevator kusari push a button, turned and headed to the door over on the left which is part the security room. Looked around inside for a while but he couldn't find the person he wanted so he exit the room and hop into the elevator and up to the medical room. Seeing someone walk into the room where youkai was asleep inside.

Opening his eyes youkai wasn't sure where he was or what had happened to him when he had finish his fight against kuro. Trying to move his right hand couldn't but somehow manage to move his left which he placed on his face. Looking through the gap in his fingers youkai realize that he was in a room, trying to move his right hand again was able to do so but not after he receive a shock wave of pain up at his shoulder. Forcing himself up to a sitting position youkai look around the room to see nothing in there but a door and a counter top that had an empty bottle on top of it. Not really being able to see anything else due to the lack of light, when the door opened up shedding more light into the room. Wondering who it was that came into the room youkai tried to stand up but instead fell onto the floor. Hearing what sounded like glass hitting the floor youkai look up to see D. drop down onto one to help support him back onto the bed.
Youkai:"Where are we at?" Youkai barely being able to muster up enough energy to talking. D. freezing in fear yet again from youkai's voice, not sure who was in control, youkai or kuro.
D:"We are in a underground base run by that paladin kusari. He offered to give us some information regarding our brothers if we join up with him." D. saw the anger build up in youkai's face but quickly went away.
Youkai:"And you joined us up. Why?" Sitting in the bed with D. still supporting him.
D:"Because you was hurt and unconscious, and I didn't know what else to do." Almost crying now D. just lowered her head.
Youkai:"Don't worry about it." Youkai placing his hand on her face. Starting to remember everything that happened to him and D. after the fight with kuro, youkai used D. to stand up. Slowly wrapping his arms around her.
Youkai:"I'm so sorry about everything that happened D. I remember now what happened when we faced kuro." Crying now D. just lefted up her head and mouthed the words thank you. Youkai then quickly looked at the door where D. had entered to see kusari standing there.
Kusari:"Come with me, it's time I put you in the recovery tank to get your power back up full capacity." Not saying a word D. just helped youkai follow kusari out of the room and down the hall into around room which was ten doors down from the one he was just in. Placing youkai into a strange kind of machines that laid on the ground with some cables coming out of the back of it and up into a computer where a man was sitting at typing a few things. After a few seconds of typing a glass case of some sort was lowered from an opening in the ceiling. Water then flowed in the camber and started to emit some electric current the flowed around youkai leaving an outline around him.
Kusari: Can he hear me?"
Unknown man:" Yes he can hear you but because of the current he won't be able to answer you at all."
D:"Um what is it that you are doing to him?" Putting on a worry look on her face.
Unknown voice:"Oh don't worry about what you see in front of you. I am using a special kind of water that treats any kind of pain in or out of the body, and thanks to the computer there is oxygen in there so he is okay. Where as the electric current you see, it actually is harmless when it is with the water it restores..." Kusari completely cutting him off so he can give youkai his mission.
Kusari:"If you can hear me then nod your head yes." Waiting for youkai to respond which he did after several seconds looking around the room. "Good. Because you took three days to awake, I'd had decided to send in a team to do the reconnaissance for you, the mission I was going to give you originally but because of your fighting style I changed it giving you the assassination mission. Oh and before I forget, here in this folder is a lay out of the entire were house where you are going, it has a picture of who the target is and the where the guards make their rounds. They take about five minutes to reach security room from the look out post. Unfortunately they couldn't give you an exact time when the guards make the trip to the security room or when they make their rounds so you are on your own there. But they did make it easy for you, they found a hatch or window of some sort that takes you directly to the room where the target will be. You have to kill him before he makes his drop with anyone man, which only leaves you with about an hour to go in unseen kill the man then escape unseen. If you get capture you are on your own in escaping from the compound, you will not have and back up and the transport will leave you if you are spotted or caught. If you need any more information the team I sent in has gotten back an hour again so you can go directly to them. You leave when you are done here." And with that kusari turned around and left the room leaving the folder in D's hand and youkai in the recovery tank. After a few minutes the man who sat near the computer typed in a few keys and the water started to lower. The water once gone the man inputted another set of keys in a rapid motion, the glass like chamber raised up allowing youkai to sit down while placing his hand onto his stomach.
D:"Oh I forgot when you got up I never gave you the food I had gotten for you. Wait right here I'll be right back." Before youkai got to say anything she was gone.
Youkai:"So um, whats your name? And tell me about this place." Youkai looking at his hands wondering why he felt a little weird.
Unknown voice:"My name is thomas. I am not the one who usually works in this section, I mostly work in the upper floor. This building hides any and all power from escaping outside to make sure this base isn't attack. Also this place has eleven floors going down and also three of the eleven floors are where the members of this base leaves. two floors are for the different computers running different errands for different missions. I'm not sure about the rest."
Youkai:"Okay that's." Youkai raised his power alittle which shocked and scared him, because he felt as if he gained a new power but didn't want to try it as he didn't feel like himself at the moment.

D. had just finished putting down the tray of food and tried to search for enkou, when she spotted it she started to walk over to it but stop half way because five people started to walk her way with their weapons drawn and smiling at her as if there were going to attack her. One guy lunged forward at D. but youkai fist had already connect with the mans lower jaw. The man fell to the floor from the unexpected blow.
????:"My name is matt. Who the hell do you think you are hitting my team member like that." Not answering him walked over to get his food when the guy threw one of his knives at him. D. ran forward catching the knife but was about to continue running to stab matt but youkai caught hold of her hand and brought her back to his side.
Matt:"That's right stop your girlfriend before she gets hurt." Putting a smirk on his face.
Youkai:"Actually I'm stopping her to make sure she doesn't kill you."
Matt:"What? How dare..." youkai had his hand raised to silence him. Asking D. where enkou was, which D. pointed out without taking her eyes off of matt.
Youkai:"Lets make a deal ok." Matt just nodded his head."If I can get my sword from that table and hold it up to your neck before you even move a muscle then you never bug my friend again. But if I can't get it in time then you can kill us." Smiling because of the odds. Closing his eyes for a brief second, once they opened youkai was standing in front of him with the tip of enkou's blade on the base of matt's neck.
Matt:"How did you?" Shocked as to what happened looked around the large room seeing everyone else reaction to what just happened. The other people who was up stairs inside the cafeteria where they stood also didn't know what happened.
Kusari:"Youkai stop playing around and get ready for your mission already."
Youkai:"Heh, What's wrong huh kusari aren't you going to attack me like you did last time." youkai then appeared right beside kusari.
Matt:"What is he talking about kusari?" everyone looking at kusari.
Kusari:"Hurry up and take the second door to the left, inside you can take as much supplies or weapons that you thing you will need for this mission." Looking over to youkai who was nodding his head no.
D:"Do you really expect youkai to go straight into a mission after what happened?"
Kusari:" Yes I do.
Youkai:"After I get some training. Lets go kusari, you and me. What do you say?"
Matt:"You can't be serious, Why would anyone take on a paladin. Anyone who every fought a paladin lost, and never survive."
Youkai:"Well your intel is wrong."
Matt:"Oh really and why is that."
Youkai:"Because I survive my fight with him." kusari started to walk to the elevator motion youkai to follow.

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