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The Brief Fight Of Kusari VS youkai- 80

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1 The Brief Fight Of Kusari VS youkai- 80 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:27 am


Flame Demon
Standing a few feet away from each other while everyone who was still within the base circle them from the balcony twenty feet away. Signaling someone from behind the grass a force field was generated around the room protecting the people who watched on. The room morphed, becoming a open, barren wasteland. Some rocks could be seen a little towards the back and the room they had before grew a little larger. Without saying a word kusari ran forward drawing his axe swinging down with one hand. Youkai grip enkou with both hands swing the sword up. When the two weapons collide it destroyed the ground around them. Everyone shocked to see youkai match kusari's strength. Just then kusari pulled out his other axe swinging it at youkai who leaned back barely dodging the axes swing, youkai then push back the axe that was still on enkou. But kusari then swung down both axe. Youkai jump back dodging the axes, covering his face to make sure the pieces from the ground which broke didn't strike him in the face. Not seeing kusari's spin around throwing his leg in the air kusari hit youkai in the stomach sending him flying towards one of the large boulder a few feet away. Quickly throwing the chain from around his back, making the chain latched onto youkai's leg. Swing the chain towards himself dragging youkai with it, smashing him into every nearby rock before he lifted it sending youkai high up into the air. Pulling down the chain down, sending youkai to the ground with incredible force smashing the ground. Releasing the chain from youkai's leg started to walk away when he heard youkai trying to get up from the hole in the ground. Locating enkou youkai struggled to pull himself together as kusari came closer. Youkai disappeared and then reappeared down on one knee in front of kusari thrusting enkou upward. Kusari not really using his axe to block just leaned back letting the blade go past his head as he was cut a little bit. kusari then swung his axe at youkai, youkai just spun in the same direction as the axe lowering to one knee as he also swung enkou hitting kusari across the stomach but nothing happened to him.
Matt:"No way! He won." Matt in complete shock thinking that youkai held back on his blow.
Youkai:"Hey kusari what's up this armor of yours, it complete block enkou without taking a scratch from it."
Kusari:"It's a special kind of armor that sorts of nullifies any an almost every kind of attacks, as well as it suppresses my true power. I've been order to create one for you. Each armor can suppress and amplify a different power or ability of its wearer. Come on you have a mission to prepare for." Motion for the room deactivation as he headed towards a door. youkai sat down on the ground a bit scared but excited about what kusari said about hiding his true power. as kusari walked through the door D. came past glaring at kusari rushing to youkai's side.
D:"Are you ok?"
Youkai:"Lets go we have a mission to prepare for." youkai still shock wondering how strong kusari really was without the armor. And how will he and his fighting style be affected, in the future.
D:"But you can't..." Youkai just nodded his head as he motion for her to follow him. After finishing the preparations for the assassination mission to him. Thomas who lead youkai to his room was waiting outside as D. was inside waiting for youkai.
D:"I wonder....why didn't you use your fire abilities youkai?" Hesitating at first youkai and thought of a way to explain what he was feeling.
Youkai:"I'm not sure exactly, maybe I was just scared of them the moment we started to fight." Lying so he wouldn't worry D. placed a small bag on his back, with enkou being placed slightly below it on his belt. Opening the door, youkai was greeted by a few people who seemed a bit afraid of him for being able to fight kusari and not be killed. After all that was said and done youkai knew that someday he will have no other choice but to be strong enough to kill kusari,in a head-to-head fight. while walking, following thomas youkai started to wonder why was he chosen to be with kusari and not someone else. Without realizing how much time has past,he came to a room where kusari was standing next to a machine. D. walked forward standing on the platform, as youkai slowly followed up behind but was stop by kusari, and pulled over to the side.
Kusari:"Is your inability to control and use your power going to affect this mission, because if it is then...." Getting one of his axes ready when he stop because not only did youkai have his blade pointed directly in front of kusari but D. had jumped off the platform when she saw kusari reach for his axe.
Youkai:"I will kill you one of these days so until then I Suggest you worry about yourself first before you worry about me." putting his blade down both youkai and kusari started to grin towards each other.
Kusari:"Well until that day comes remember I can still kill you and your girlfriend D. over here with ease." youkai just nodded his head as he pushed down D's sword, walking towards the machine. Once youkai had reach the machine he turned and started to face kusari, as he held up enkou.
Youkai:"I vow to protect those who cannot protect themselve, to protect that which is sacred,and to do good never evil." Placing his sword down.
Kusari:"So it seems you know of the oath, that we took long ago." And with that D. and youkai were transported, leaving everyone to question who youkai really was and why did he say those words.

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