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Flame Demon
arriving two miles from the location where the assassination would take place, looking around feeling that the in-tel they had received was incorrect. But before he got the chance to find out what it was D, had called his name so he can hurry up. Youkai took one last look in the direction he was facing before D. had called him again. D. calling youkai again, and this time youkai started to head in her direction. Once youkai got serial feet away from D. he felt the presence of someone else, thinking that it was a traveling man he ignored it. But once he realized that it wasn't it was already too late because they was attack from all sides. Youkai managed to dodge the on coming arrow but D. couldn't and was hit in the back. Just then someone came at youkai with a knife. Not even caring to dodge or block he took the hit and was stabbed on his ribs, just then youkai just stared at the man who did it.
Youkai:"I don't have time to waste on you." Swinging his right hand over he smack the man with the back off his hand. D. who had managed to walk over to him, call thomas on the head set that was given to them.
D:"Send us back." Just then youkai and D. was engulf in a light yellow, light.
Matt:"Hey what's up you..." Stopping in his tracks because of the look in youkai's eyes, as he stared at kusari.
Youkai:"I warned you did I not....kusari." Not even answering him, youkai then decided to draw enkou, as he removed the knife that was still stuck within his ribs, and then throwing it at kusari. Matt block the attack and dash towards youkai, and as he swung his sword youkai block it with ease. Without saying a word youkai pushed matt back and swung his leg around kicking matt into the nearby wall.
Matt:"What just happened? The look...in his eyes, he's ready to kill someone."
Kusari:"So it would seem your finally ready to fight for...." Being cut off when youkai seemed as if he was falling forward but was in fact taking a weird stance. Youkai ran two fingers across enkou's blade stopping at it's tips. As fire started to slightly circle around him.
Youkai:"Good-bye.....kusari" Youkai's grip the hilt with both hands he swung the blade down quickly. As he was releasing his fire wave it drew out more power from youkai, becoming more massive then usual. Kusari just stood in the way taking the attack head on not realizing that it was nearly five times stronger then it would usually have been being pushed back smashing him through the wall. Being sent wall after wall after wall until kusari hit the earth outside the base revealing that it really was underground. After sometime the smoke cleared up revealing that the armor kusari was wearing completely stop youkai's attack but everything else was destroy in the attack.
Youkai:"KUSARI!!!" Youkai was about to rush towards him when D. stop him. Youkai then realized in his anger he nearly burned everyone in the room including her. Putting his sword away youkai walked towards the room he was given, with D. following behind him. Kusari shocked as to what he saw when youkai took the stance, didn't move but instead stood right where he was, while the others were too scared to move, thinking that if they moved youkai would get angry again and destroy them. Shock as to what just transpired the people in the room didn't know how to act about it. But relax a bit when they saw kusari put a smirk on his face.

A few hours later there was a knock on the door, but no one answered, so matt opened the door and look in the room but couldn't see anything because the lights were off. Flipping a switch to the right hand corner of the room. Looking around he found youkai just sitting there on the edge of his bed. D. was sitting behind him with her arms wrap around his chest and her head was lying on the base of his neck. Matt jumped when youkai quickly opened his eyes, which were already glaring at him. Matt knew what youkai was going to say so he decided to speak first.
Matt:"The in-tel that was given to you turned out to be fake. The men that was sent in were killed but someone. We caught the impostors. Listen man about D, do you really think that its ok to..." Matt stop talking because he realized that D. was asleep. Motioning for matt to step outside while he was moving D's arms off of him and lying her head on the pillow. Using the blanket there to cover her, looked behind him and saw that matt was standing outside with the door open. Whispering a few words so matt couldn't hear him.
Youkai:"Watch her closely for me please." Saying these words as he left when a shadowy figure move slightly from within the room after youkai turned the lights off. Following matt because kusari wanted to talk to him. Once again youkai was lead into the training room.

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