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Flame Demon
Matt ran a few feet away from youkai then turned to face him. Thinking to himself that matt couldn't be serious trying to fight him when he heard kusari voice telling someone to start up the room from the balcony above the control room. JUst standing there to watch how the fight will come out. Everything changed and turned into a forest. Just laughing out loud drew enkou and stabbed it into the ground. Just then a massive wave of fire the came out from the ground surrounded youkai and fell out in all directions, burning and destroying everything. Seconds later the room returned to normal and matt was lying on the ground badly burned on his chest and legs. No one had dared to enter to him matt when D. called out youkai's name.
D:"Why did you do that, that's not like you at all." raising her sword getting ready to fight with youkai.
Matt:"You can't he'll kill you." Ignoring him completely.
Kusari:"Actually she probably kill him." just standing next to matt now. Youkai's eyes then changed to a darkish color and he gained a black armor around him. Running in her direction dragging enkou who was still stabbed into the ground, releasing a black matter that started to overflow from the ground and fly up in the air but was quickly cut down but kusari's axe. Kusari then appeared in front of D. and grab a hold of youkai and injected something into him. After serial seconds later the armor disappeared and youkai collapsed.
D:"There's something controlling him." Kusari just nodded his head and started to walk over to thomas who opened a door that D. had never noticed before.
Kusari:"You coming or not?" D. just nodded her head and ran after youkai. After serial moments later kusari put youkai onto a large metal table then placed the metal lid over it completely covering him. Flipping a switch on the side of the table, kusari activated some sort of light similar to the one that kusari previously used to stop the effects of the heart of darkness. Explaining to D. who had a worry look on her face that the purification process was never complete because youkai had somehow able to resist the power of the light they were using. So until he could be purified completely he should remain in the tank or else he could run a rampage and kill everyone in the base except for him who was too powerful for youkai to handle even with chaos inside of him. Shocked as to how he knew that chaos was inside of him just ignored it as she found herself a chair, pulling it closer to the table thomas urging her not to do so because youkai was still unstable and so was his power. Kusari also explain that when they were first fighting youkai refrain from using his powers because of this very same reason, and when he fired his fire wave that it took more power from him that he was originally was going to use. Not sure if she should believe them of youkai's unstable condition but then she remembered that one time youkai nearly destroyed everything because he lost control of his powers. Still deciding to standby him she refused to move. Kusari and thomas just look at each other and left the room.
Kusari:"Just know this. If his power goes berserk then I will end his life without any hesitation." peeping his head back into the room before leaving completely. As she waited for youkai to recover she started to think back on why she was traveling with youkai, why she was helping him, why did she stay with me and not go with her brother. She wondered why she chose youkai, someone she had just met at the time over her own family, her brother. As she continued to search for an answer she heard youkai mutter some words that she herself wasn't sure why he said them.
D:"Who's sarina?" With these words running around in her head it just made things a bit more complicated for her.

Youkai:"Uh....what happened to me." Youkai opened his eyes to find himself inside a mental chamber. Knocking on it, no one answered him. Calling out no one answered him. Feeling that there was no other way out he decided to melt his way out. Powering up, releasing his fire power destroying the entire room. Kusari felt the up surge in power and raced off from his training. Others had already gathered to the site where youkai was left in by the time kusari got there. D. had just gotten back from a mission when she heard the explosion. everyone gathered there but wasn't sure what happened.
Kusari:"What's the status of the base?"
Unknown:"No other section was damaged."
D:"Where's youkai?Is he still in there?" Everyone didn't know what she was talking about, because they all though kusari had killed youkai.
Kusari:"I don't know if he was still...." D. started to race inside when fang came out from the shadows and stop D. in her tracks. Able to tell him to move when something came out from the smoke.
D:"YOUKAI!!!" He came out rubbing his shoulder's yawning. Just standing there youkai expanded his power,releasing it into the entire base. Everyone saw dirt whip up, circling around youkai before it became a tornado of dirt flying around him. Kusari though that youkai lost control of his powers again and rushed into the tornado just to be sent flying seconds later hitting the wall and bouncing off. The tornado cleared off and youkai dash forward then disappearing when kusari threw his chain while still in the air. Youkai then reappeared behind kusari and placed his palm on kusari's back.
Youkai:"Is that any way to treat an old friend? Oh well....Nova!" kusari's entire body was engulfed in flames as he flew crashing down onto the ground. Once youkai landed the members of the base ran to kusari's side to protect him. While D. wasn't sure what was going on. That's when she felt something bush up on her and turned around to see youkai.
Youkai:"Don't worry I've finally gain control, but um why is it that you have one bandages?" Confuse not knowing that youkai was asleep for a week.
D:"You was out for quite a while and even though they said to leave you because you were a lost cause I stilled remained by your side. Doing the missions that was given to you." Youkai didn't say anything instead he hug D. saying that he was sorry for not helping her. He then turned his attention to kusari who was slowly getting up.
Youkai:"Don't bother getting up kusari!" youkai was standing on kusari's back holding his hand near kusari's head.
Youkai:"Becuase you were shock that I didn't die, you let your guard down allowing me an open shot." D. called youkai over and then headed to youkai's room which D. had remodel for the two of them to stay in there. Sitting on her own bed D. started to explain the different things she went through and how she wasn't alone because fang was always there by her side. Once she was done explaining everything to him kusari step into the room without knocking because they left the door open.
Kusari:"You are ready for the armor."
D:"armor?" kusari then pulled out a weird kind of armor made of almost the same kind of armor he was wearing.
Kusari:"Come with me youkai, your training begins now." just laughing at kusari.
Youkai:" Na I'm good I don't need an armor to fight. I'm tired so I'm going to bed. What about you D?" she nodded her head and close the door after kusari left.

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