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The Secert That The Two Share-83

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1 The Secert That The Two Share-83 on Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:23 pm


Flame Demon
Waking up the next morning didn't move out of his bed as he felt like there was someone next to him. Turning his head saw that D. had her right arm on his chest and her head was resting on his shoulder. Smile for a breif second before turning his attention to the floor. Youkai's right hand burst into flames as seconds later a giant ball of fiire could be seen in the middle of the room. Seconds later fang emurged from the ball of fire.

Youkai:"Go tell kusari its time. Also tell him to bring both matt and thomas with him to the breifing room." Fang knodded before turning around as he slowly started to walk towards the door sinking in a pool of darkness before disappearing. Taking the chance to get out of bed when D. shifted positions. Grabbing enkou and placing the sword near his lower back on his bed before walking out of the room. After serval minutes of walking youkai turning a corner to find both matt and thomas walking up towards the him. Youkai just pushed a button to his left opening a door.

Youkai:"Get inside."

Matt:"Who the hell do you think you are to be bossing me around." Youkai just snap his fingers as a chain was sent flying pass matt's face and into the wall. Both matt and thomas look into the room to see kusari already standing inside.

Kusari:"I believe he told you to get inside did he not?" Nodding before entering the room confused as to what was going on. After youkai entered the room kusari ordered the other members of the base to leave the room when youkai held out his hand making the members stop in the tracks.

Youkai:"Well seeing how we are going to explain everything wouldn't it be better that everyone hears too, what do you think D?" D. step infront of the door nodding her head as there was another girl standing next to her who looked scared of youkai.

D:"Youkai this is my friend meranii, she was the one helping me on the missions." Meranii was about to extent her hand when matt step in between them.

Matt:"Don't even think abo...."

Kusari:"Enough matt. Thomas set up the camera so it broadcasts into the entire base so everyone in here can see and hear our conversation." Doing excalting what kusari said thomas pulled out a small labtop from the table he was standing next to, after inputting a few keys he then turned to kusari giving him the thumbs up.

Matt:"So what's all this about?" Eyeing youkai to see if he makes a move when he noticed youkai had a smirk on his face. Looking back to kusari he saw him throwing something onto the table.

Meranii:"Are those rings?"

Matt:"Those are the rings of fire and darkness that belong to two paladins years ago before kusari earned the title of paladin."

Kusari:"Yes and no. The two rings before belong to one paladin as well as the man who not only helped me train to be a paladin but gave me the title 'paladin of earth'."

Thomas:"So who was he?"

Youkai:"Don't you mean who is he?" Everyone turned there attention to youkai not noticeing the rings floating in the air. One glowing red while the other glowing purple.

Matt:"So then tell us seeing how you know something we don't."

Youkai:"Heh....those are my rings." Shocking everyone except matt and kusari.

Matt:"If they were your rings prove it. When the paladins is in close range of their ring it starts to glow." Looking back to the rings that were now floating in the air. Seconds later they flew to youkai. Putting on the ring of darkness onto his right hand. Walking over to D. pulling a chain out from his pocket, sliding the ring on it then placing it around her neck.

D:"Why are you giving me this? I'm Just some gir..." Being cut off when youkai shot his attention back towards the door noticing that kusari had done the same.

????:"So this is the infamous youkai. Some punk who thinks he has what it takes to be a paladin." Three people walked in. Two males and on female.

Kusari:"Well well what do we have here. So you think you can beat youkai huh. Well then I'm sure he wouldn't mind battle with paladins at the same time."

????:"Heh I'll be more then enough to wipe this punk out." Youkai just laughed as kusari touched the wall behind him revealing a training area of sorts. Noticeing that something was somehow wrong with one of the paladins when he suddenly felt a slight pull on his left arm.

D:"Be careful. Something doesn't seem to be right here."

Kusari:"I see that the two of you noticed as well. To be honest I didn't know they were coming nor did I know they were here until he said something, But judging from your reaction youkai my guess is that you already knew that they were there didn't you. After all you do have far better senseing capablities then I do." Youkai just grinned for a moment before jumping ten feet infront of the three unknown paladin title fighters.

Youkai:'Well this should be fun but why can't I shake off this feeling like I know that this isn't the first time I met that female paladin over there....no it can't be?' Thinking to himself before he noticed that two of the paladins backed off.

????:"I'll end this punk in one shot."

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