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Youkai Vs The Three Trainees

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1 Youkai Vs The Three Trainees on Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:45 pm


Flame Demon
Youkai just stood serval feet away from his three oppents ignoring two of them and eyeing the third person who was standing towards the far back. Youkai could tell that the two infront were male due to the fact that there heads were exposed. The third however youkai could not tell because they were wearing a cloak of sorts cover their face and much of their body.

Man#1:"So you think you can't beat me huh?" One of the two men infront started to walk forward taking both hands out of his pocket. Electrity started forming around his hands, Without waiting for youkai to answer he slammed his fist into the ground creating a pillar of lighting that started to race towards youkai. Without moving a muscle a wall of rock shot fort from the ground colliding with the lighting stopping it cold in it's tracks.

Man#2:"Wha...just happened?" Catching the attention to everyone around except kusari who just started laughing.

Youkai:"Oh that little earth wall....hmm yeah did I forget to mention that I can use five elements. So far you know three of them: Fire, earth, and darkness." LOwering the earth wall pointed a finger at the man who fired lighting at him.

Man#1:"What?" Youkai just smirked as lighting started to form a ball on the tip of his finger.

Youkai:"I see that you can create the lighting but can you control and make form the lighting into whatever shape you want." Placing his left hand on the ball of lighting, slowly moving it away creating a sort of lance.

Youkai:"Lighting spear. Thunder lance." Quickly splitting the electrity taking form in front of him, threw the two attacks that quickly hit the floor in front of the two people closes to him.

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