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Chapter forty five: the plan

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1 Chapter forty five: the plan on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:39 am


Two weeks have passed since rozei killed his father in central darnassus. Lardyn has called a meeting with all the protectors of darnassus to talk about the defense plan against the next attack from the blood elfs. in the trainning grounds stands lardyn, ranpu, rozei, kaji, suki, raru, and hayashi. lardyn stands up and says "so are there any ideas on how we are going to defend darnassus?" kaji says "i say we strike first!! they wouldnt expect that because they think we are scared of that sun, but there are six strong warriors here that can battle in the heat of that sun, and thats all we need." ranpu says "dont underestimate the power of blood elfs, they arent that easy to get rid of. there strong, cunning, and swift, i dont think six of us can take on them all." "how about a sneak attack" said lardyn, he paces around a few times and says "we can have a infiltration team waiting for there main army to march by and attack darnassus.... i noticed something when they attacked before.... there way of tactics are very old school... simple formations and ways of combat... we can easly flank them and take out the prince no problem" ranpu then rubs his chin as if he was thinking really hard "your right lardyn... i never thought to look at that... and that might just work. but what about the horde of blood elfs? we are the only ones that can defeat the king, who is going to fight the horde on the front lines? i dont really like the thought of night elfs dying on a Possible success." lardyn then says "night elfs are going to die ether way father, they are giving there lives for there city, they will die honorably and to protect there family's future, and there deaths will not go in vain." "your right lardyn.. you will make a great king" rozei then says "i like the sound of the ambush, but i just want to add a little more strategy to it, is that fine?" lardyn looks at him and said "of course we all can have input." "well... ok, how about we just split up? there is seven of us, we can have four at the front lines and three for the ambush. that way our powers are strong ether way, the blood elfs wouldnt even kno what hit them." lardyn eyes open wide "i like the sound of that, and it would be even better if we could trap them as well, make them think there winning and there getting inside darnassus, but then we close the gates, separating there army and letting down a rain of arrows to finish them off!!" ranpu says "these are really good ideas! darnassus is in good hands, i think this battle is going to be a piece of cake, but who is going to be were?" lardyn then walked to the middle and says "im going to be on the infiltration team.. because im going to kill the prince, by myself, i have to kill him because of what he did to suki, i cannot forgive him for that, and he WILL PAY!!" ranpu says "ok lardyn... you, kaji, and raru and 30 darnassus soldiers will be the infiltration team, and the rest of us will hold the front lines." "sounds like a plan father" "then its settled, everyone knows what they must do, the attack might be apon us at anytime so we must be prepared now!!" everyone then leaves the training grounds to prepare for the war.

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