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chapter forty six: battle for darnassus pt 1

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1 chapter forty six: battle for darnassus pt 1 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:12 pm


A week later, the ambush and night elf army have been established, and now its just a matter of time before the blood elfs attack. lardyn lay in his quarters thinking about how he will defeat the king single handed. suki enters the room and sits next to him. "you know you dont have to always protect me... im a big girl... i can handle myself." lardyn sits up next to her and looks her straight in her eyes "yes i do, thats the kind of person i am, when i love someone i protect them as much as i can" suki smiles so hard the only way she can stop cheesing was by kissing lardyn. they lips lock and lardyn feels a chill threw his body, almost unwillingly his hands wrap around suki and they both lady down on the bed. suki get on top of lardyn and slowly starts to undress herself while still kissing lardyn. lardyn caresses the outline of her body as if it was the most fragile and beautiful thing in the world. suki whispers "i love you to lardyn.. and im ready" then the horn of battle sounds from the west gate and a guard comes bursting in the room. "my king the blood elfs are-" suki quickly dresses herself "i apologize my king... but the war is apone us!!" lardyn stands up and stares out the window. "get the first fighting team ready to engage the blood elfs, this war ends now!!" lardyn then turns into his cat form, and jumps out the window. lardyn rushes to the infiltration point. he arrives to already see kaji and raru with the thirty elite darnassus soldiers "this is it my friends!! this is were we are victorious!!" the darnassus soldiers raise there swords and spears in cheer as there morale and confidence increase now that there king is here to lead them into battle. meanwhile suki arrives at the west gate to see ranpu, ruzei, and hayashi already there with the first engaging team. ranpu sits on his horse with his sword in the air "TODAY MY NIGHT ELF FRIENDS!! WE RECLAIM OUR HOME!!! HOOUUUHHH" all the soldiers are rilled up and ready for battle "FOR THE FUTURE OF ARE FAMILYS AND DARNASSUS!! CHARGE!!!" the gates open and a countless number of night elfs come purring out in rage and valor, frighting the frontlines of the blood elfs army. the blood elfs didnt exspect them to be prepared for there attack. the blood elf that gave lardyn the information never returned to his home to send the message to the blood elf prince. the two armys clash, and waves of arrows that blocked out the moon of darnassus, stormed down on the blood elfs almost killing there whole front line. ranpu jumps off his horse and throws his giant sword into a crowd of blood elfs, killing over ten of them, he then pulls out two short swords and begins slashing his way threw the blood elf ranks. suki runs out the gates and draws her sword. with a wave of her sword she creates a wave of water that launches her into the blood elf ranks and she begins cutting, freezing, and drowning blood elfs left and right. hayashi forms spikes all over his body, he then charges threw the blood elfs, slashing every blood elf he runs pass. ruzei draws his sword and rallys some darnassus soldiers to form a offensive formation and charges at the blood elfs, "the ultimate defense is the ultimate offense!!" they then begin killing blood elfs left and right. after ten minutes of fighting, ranpu can see a bright light in the distance. it quickly get closer and he remembers the smell of burning grass "thats him... THE PINCE IS HERE!! WE CANNOT DEFEAT HIM WHILE LARDYN IS AWAY, RETREAT INTO THE CITY!!" the night elfs begin retreating into the city with haste. after all night elfs arrive in the gates, suki forms a large ice block to block the gates. the blood elfs lurk outside the city slowly chipping away the icde that blocks the way into the city. the prince arrives by the gates "what is this? retreat? i knew night elfs were cowards but... iv'e lost alot of soldiers... they had obvious advantage in power..." a blood elf soldier then walks in front of the prince "my prince, i over heard the old king say that you were to powerful for them, and the new king is away at the moment. they must be buying time until he returns" the princes eyes opened wide "thats it!! this is our chance!! that brat isnt there so thats why they retreat!! we attacked at the perfect time!! i probly dont even need the travelers i paid to tag along" "maybe.. but you will pay us, we didnt come all this way for no reason" the prince frowned "of course, you all still need to do your job then. but move out the way!! time is of the essence!!"the prince forms a large fire ball with his staff that melts the ice block in seconds and the blood elf army charges in "charge my people!! are revenge is near!!". the blood elfs rage threw the streets of darnassus like a heard of locus. the prince then stands at the front if the gates and whispers to himself "we did it... we finally did it... father you would be proud.." then before he could even open his eyes the gates shut close. "what?? whats going on??" the blood elfs thought it was the work of there master, so that no night elfs can escape,, until they had seen a night elf in ever window with a bow, and night elfs storm out every building surrounding them. "its a TRAP!!" once again arrows rained in the sky and blocked out the moon. annihilating half the blood elfs and wounding some. the rest was slaughtered on the streets of darnassus in the matter of ten minutes, the plan went perfect, the night elfs had won, they defended darnassus from the blood elfs. meanwhile, the king stands outside blasting the gates with fireballs, but comes up with no luck. "nooo!! i can here my people suffering!! why!! i was soo close!!" lardyn jumps from the walls of darnassus, landing in front of the prince "its because your heart and your cause was not pure. if you are tainted with evil... you connot defeat me." the prince drops to his knees "how.... how can this have happened??" a unkown parson appears behind lardyn and says "dont believe him prince, there was one evil person that defeated him, they did it before, they can do it again."

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