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The Mist Battle

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1 The Mist Battle on Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:36 am


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Wata Leader
We are in the Mist lake fighting an army of shights and a few GMOs, me and Shadow are together, Reverse is with Annet and Shizen, idk if any other person is here.... so begin....

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2 Re: The Mist Battle on Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:00 pm


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Wata Leader
Shadow's Side (Point of View)

Shadow, Shizen & Annet just got near the lake of Lekiria also known as the Mist Lake. A heavy mist have lifted and just about nothing but white can be seen. A sound of stomping is heard in the distance as they keep on going is even louder. Shizen gets an idea to get lift the mist away so they could see. He takes out an old looking pole and a green book. "You two better get on your fighting stances, we don't know what could be ahead" says Shizen in a corcern tone, then he begins reading from his book a spell. Shadow and Annet both get in position and stand in different sides forming a triangle with Shizen. As Shizen is casting small breezes come in direction of him and all their clothes move as the wind becomes stronger. Suddendly he calls out Air Lance and something like a spear made of wind is launch to in front of him lifting the mist in an amasing speed, Annet almost got caught in it but Shadow pulled her down.

As the mist lifted shights could be seen all over, to this Shadow moves in quick with Nixa in hand and start fighting. Annet and Shizen stay behind, Shizen was unable to move for a second and the mist was covering the way for them to follow. Annet wouldn't leave him behind, some shights begin to attack them, Shizen starts casting another spell, Annet floats in the air and starts shooting ice projectiles at the oncoming shights.

As Shadow is fighting he sees that there are hears a person fighiting shights, he thinks to himself "they must be on our side" and he quickly goes in that direction, only to find Hunter fighting back the shights.

Shizen and Annet were left behind to fight, while Shadow and Hunter would get together to become an "" force against the shights.

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